Like your clothes, your feet staples also need maintenance and care. After all, they too need your perseverance. Treat them like your babies and they will stay with you for long enough. This couple travels on untidy and dirty paths just for you and hence it becomes our duty to give them back. Though some luxury brands provide you with a guarantee not everyone is the same. We take them from anywhere to everywhere. Be it a party, work or a simple get together they are always with us.

We are here with a step by step catalog to protect your feet saviors from damage and hardship.

Switch to slippers at home

I know how lethargic it must feel to you all to change your shoes as soon as you get home, but please develop a habit of swapping them with a pair of bathroom slippers, this will help you to keep them fit as a fiddle and will thus ensure they stay for long.

Use a newspaper

If you ever happen to get soaked in rain, never I repeat never ever try and use a hair dryer for them. Instead, take up an old newspaper and fit it inside them. Keep the pair in a well-ventilated area so as to ensure quick drying.

Do not use a sponge

I know most of the hair polishing tools have a sponge as an applicator but you never are sure about the quality of the sponge used. You can use a better shoe care kit with a natural hair brush. Also always remember investing in a quality polish. You can buy the shoe care kit and 4-way leather brush cleaner from Amazon.

The age-old rule

Do you remember how in school we were asked by our teachers to not to drag our feet and walk? Sign up a promissory note with yourself to abide by this rule. It will save the sole of your shoes so that it does not wear off any faster.

Do not use washing machines

Try not to be hard on them while cleaning and never leave them in a washing machine for the clean-up. They will feel alone and probably get scared and this was a little sarcasm. Coming back to the reality try washing them with hands whenever you have spare time it will save them from eroding.

Organize the closet

We all belong to the 21st century and it is our birthright to keep our shoes one on the other but that is not gonna help you, buddy.Keeping things intact will ensure that they are not crushed and trampled.

Keep specials separate.

We know how much you love your Aldo’s pair, so love em more and keep them in a separate box for separate occasions. This move of yours will save them from dirt and tarnish.

Maintain the toe shape

It is very important for you to maintain the shape of your shoes so  adhere on packing your soft shoes with a tissue or a cardboard which are available for this purpose only.

The Gum Problem

Sometimes crap happens and the chewing gum gets stuck to your shoes while walking. You do not have to worry for this at all, just apply some ice onto the stuck over particles or keep them in a freezer for a few hours. The dollop will come out gradually.

Baby Powder to the Rescue

Note: This step is not advised for suede shoes.

We all tend to drop veggies on ourselves so often, so to make sure the grease does not eat your shoe up. Try and sprinkle baby powder on that particular part oof your shoe and you are done.

Happiness starts within your sole

There is absolutely nothing that buying a pair of shoe can’t fix. So make it a point to give that kind of love back to them.

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