The widespread availability of the internet has transformed our lives. There’s no denying that the internet is capable of doing amazing things. Whether you are looking for information on Spectrum billing or Marquee TV, search engines like Google, YouTube, and Bing have got you covered.  

Speaking of Marquee TV, have you ever come across this extraordinary streaming service? If yes, then you might know how good it is. Marquee TV is not just your everyday streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. It specializes in providing content related to performing arts.  

How Is Marquee TV Different from Other Streaming Services? 

It is the content that distinguishes Marquee TV from streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Marquee TV lets you access content related to contemporary arts, music, theater, and opera to name a few. It is worth mentioning that you won’t find such content on regular streaming services. Why? Because Marquee TV aims for the highest quality when it comes to performing arts.  

The streaming service has an excellent working relationship with renowned performing arts institutions including the Royal Shakespeare Company and the London Symphony Orchestra. Marquee TV provides access to plays, ballets, as well as behind-the-scenes footage of the works. If you’re a fan of contemporary dance, then you’d love the streaming service.  

However, the provider’s library has nothing on the huge content provided by most mainstream streaming services. So, if you just want to watch Marquee TV for documentaries then better stick with Netflix or BBC. On the contrary, if you savor classical plays, dance, theater, and opera then Marquee TV just might be the right platform for you to enjoy performing arts.  

What Are the Features of Marquee TV? 

Marquee TV can play videos from 270p to 1080p HD. Of course, video quality depends on the quality and speed of the internet connection. Like most streaming services, Marquee TV comes with a Watchlist section. This section lets you bookmark the content you want to watch. Moreover, there’s a History section so that you can go back and check the content you’ve already watched.  

The streaming service also comes with a themed playlist feature. This is a great feature that lets you watch videos on the go. It comes in handy in case you cannot decide what to watch on Marquee TV. Parents can access parental controls through Account Settings. Meanwhile, the app also features a kids’ section. What’s more, the streaming service provides captions in multiple languages.  

What Is the Pricing Plan for Marquee TV? 

The monthly subscription plan for Marquee TV is $8.99. The annual plan, on the other hand, costs $89.99. It is advisable to go for the annual plan since it comes with great benefits. Also, the streaming service has a trial version for potential customers. It is worth mentioning that Marquee TV has special discounts for performing arts industry professionals and teachers.  

Because Marquee TV specializes in performing arts, you will have to pay an additional fee for special festivals or performances. Moreover, these events have a limited release when it comes to time and region. You can also rent out videos in case you can’t wait until the time of their release.  

What Types of Devices Support Marquee TV? 

Most smart devices and platforms support Marquee TV. That means you can access the streaming service on Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV. In case you wondering where is Marquee TV available, we’ll answer this question as well. Like most mainstream streaming services, Marquee TV is available worldwide. You can check if the service is available in your region by contacting their customer support service.  

Is Marquee TV Worth Subscribing To? 

Subscribing to Marquee TV depends on two major factors. Number one is the level of your passion for contemporary arts and dance. If you are only fascinated by the looks then Marquee TV is not the streaming service for you. But if you are a hardcore fan of the genre then Marquee is worth buying.   

The second is the amount of material you are already able to access via mainstream cable TV or streaming service. If you think you are getting more than you want from your current streaming services, perhaps there’s no need to increase your stream spending bill. If not, then it is the best performing arts streaming service you could ever get.

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