Siddhanth Kapoor’s filmy career may not be running smooth but his DJing talent is taking him places.. Not many know th​at Siddhanth Kapoor is one of the best DJ’s in town and it is his this talent that has helped him grab one of the biggest opportunities in his career.

Siddhant Kapoor is all set to have a music war this holi and he will be playing with some of the best DJ’s across the world​ at Lawman Holi Reloaded 2016​. He will be performing with well known International DJ’s like peak and swift from Germany, AFFKT from Spain and world Renowned DJ WOLFPACK.

Talking about the same Siddhanth says,” Holi and music goes hand in hand.. When i was a kid we used to play all the famous holi songs and used to dance our heart outs during holi day.. Now I personally don​’​t play Holi but I love to see people groove on my music. Also, Its a great opportunity to perform with the DJ’s who are known worldwide. I am looking forward to​ performing at Lawman Holi Reloaded 2016​.”
Siddhanth Kapoor
Siddhant Kapoor a.k.a Bullzeye is without doubt, an Indian techno heavy-lifter. Straddling the decks for more than a decade now, he’s been the life of parties from Bombay to Goa to the mountains and beyond.

He’ll bring his particular blend of sharp stabbing techno and house music to the racecourse this year. You’ve been warned.​​

Let’s get in the Holi mood! Here is a collection of best Bollywood songs for Holi this year!

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