When you purchase a new electronic device, you may be tempted to simply throw your old model in the trash. Doing so, however, is wasteful and should be avoided. Instead, consider selling your unwanted devices. There’s a high demand for used electronics due to their decreased selling price, as not everyone wants to pay top dollar for a newer model. Even if one of your devices is no longer working, you may still be able to dismantle it and sell its parts. Televisions and other devices that are beyond repair can still serve a purpose. While selling various parts may require a little more work than tossing the entire device in a bin, it’s well worth it when you consider these benefits of selling used electronics.

Reduce e-waste

Even though nearly 100 percent of electronic waste is recyclable, many people tend to trash their unwanted devices. This universal habit has led to the fast-growing issue of an increasing amount of e-waste polluting our planet. E-waste doesn’t just fill up landfills—many discarded electronics also release toxins into the air, soil, and groundwater when heated. This release of toxins damages the Earth and the atmosphere, which can cause a variety of health issues for all forms of life on the planet. Fortunately, selling electronics helps decrease the rate at which electronics end up in landfills, and it can help prevent further destruction of the environment.

Decrease production

For people looking to decrease their negative impact on the environment, selling used electronics is especially beneficial because it reduces the demand for brand-new products, as the life of the product will be extended. This decrease in demand helps reduce the amount of energy and valuable resources that go into producing new electronics. As such, the environment will further benefit from the choice to sell unwanted electronics.

Make money

An obvious benefit of selling your used electronics is that doing so can help you make some extra cash. Depending on the age, model, and condition of your device, you could make a significant return on investment for the electronic device you no longer want. Even if your device doesn’t work, it may still include valuable components. According to Business Insider, “Cell phones and other electronic items contain high amounts of precious metals like gold or silver—each year, we dump cell phones containing worth over $60 million in gold and silver.” Once you start selling your old products, you’ll wonder why you’ve essentially been throwing money in the trash all these years.

Easy to sell

Selling used electronics is easy thanks to the wide variety of online selling sites. Online marketplaces such as eBay, Decluttr, and Gazelle allow you to get cash back for your electronics. Many stores such as Apple, Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon also offer trade-in options that allow you to send in your old electronics for a store gift card. Many companies will also refurbish old electronics; they’d surely be happy to take your unwanted electronic off your hands. When you sell your electronic devices, often all you need to do is post a description, a selling price, and a photo of your product.

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