First things first, stressing up yourself has become a major problem in our lives. Owing to our jam packed work schedules and laying emphasis on every small obstacle that comes our way has caused our skin to have dire effects as well. According to me, the major thing that you should definitely not forget is to wash your face after a day out. People who have oily skins are more prone to such breakouts so they should undoubtedly take care of their skin.

Scroll down for the laid down points on the most recommended skin care regimen to get rid of acne.

Curb bad eating habits


Rather than focusing on concealing them, we should always first check out what is the actual cause of having them at the first point. Having oily food, spicy and unhygienic food can definitely worsen your health. Not just pimples, it can cause other adverse effects as well. Be strict with yourself and try to have anything within limits.

Trick your tongue with healthy buy tasty choices such as a roasted nuts , hot cereal with either quinoa or buckwheat or you can opt to have almond milk with berries for your breakfast.

Never should you binge on packaged foods , dairy products or foods which contain lots of sugar.

Pillow matters


You should not be ignorant of the fact that the fabric that we use matters a lot. Change your pillow covers and bed sheets very often so as prevent it from leaving a dirt residue on your face.

Cleansing your face


As mentioned above, wash your face after every trip outside your home. Do not let the alarming rate of pollution and dirt harm your face to a level that lets breakouts happen. The reason being for this is that the dirt clogs the pores of the skin and makes your skin all itchy and dirty. You can go through this article for choosing the best face wash for your acne prone skin.

No makeup Left

You should never forget to take off your makeup even if you are feeling lazy after a tiring night out or booze party with your friends. Make sure you use the best makeup remover to take every inch of makeup product used! otherwise it won’t let your skin breathe.I would recommend using the Clinique take the day off cleansing balm which is suitable for all skin types. Buy from Amazon for $15.89.

Exfoliating properly

You do not need to rub your skin so badly or in an abrasive way. It will aggravate the problem more and make you have scars on your face. This process is important because it helps you get rid of the dead cells and softens the skin. You can go for Forest essentials facial scrub Kashmiri Walnut which is suitable for all skin types and comprises of high levels of Vitamins and antioxidants. Buy from Amazon for $48.81.

People are often confused about the fact that that how many times should one for exfoliation process. The fact is that it all depends on your skin type , if you have sensitive skin, you should not go for it more than once a week. Concluding the statement , no matter what skin type you have , you should not go for this process more than three times a week at any cost.

Moisturizing is important too

We know most of the peeps who are prone to acne breakouts have oily skin, but moisturizing is important no matter what skin type you belong to. You should develop a habit of moisturizing your skin after you wash your face with cold water. The Body shop Vitamin E  is strongly recommended as it is Paraben free as well as proven to prevent dryness caused by anti-acne prescribed medicines. Buy from Amazon for $16.15.

Some things to do before you sleep for attaining healthy and glowing skin.

  1. Try to sleep on your back because your all the dust and dirt can accumulate on your skin which is usually present on your pillow.
  2. Always cleanse your face before sleeping.
  3. Wear a good moisturizer after you are done with a face wash.
  4. Always take our every inch of makeup from your facial skin with the help of a good makeup remover.

The last but not the least factor that you should keep in mind is If you are stressed, you get pimples, if you cry, you get wrinkles so just smile and get dimples.”

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