We have all heard of the CTM routine and removing makeup before going to the bed, let’s read about different things today. My skin was glowing so much that I couldn’t stop myself from looking at ever mirror I came across and smiling in an unexpressed pride. I wasn’t maintaining my skin very much, but it still had that ivory glow. Let me share my favourite tips of all time.

Cashews massage cream

Take half a cup of full fat milk and cream and soak some saffron strands, cardamom seeds and cashews in it. Let it sit still for a while and then add four to five drops of your favourite essential oil, about half an apple and a tablespoon of almond oil and blend all well. Now use this as a moisturising facial, face wash or a leave on lotion for nights. It does wonders to skin, you’ll notice the benefits in just one time. It’s my favourite and can last a week when kept in refrigerator.

Apples body lotion

This lotion has a very effective and fresh feeling with it. Not only it heals the skin, make it glow but smells wonderful too. Blend an apple in rose water and then heat it in a double boiler for a while. Add half a cup of rose water and a tablespoon of almond oil and use it as body lotion. It can be used as a sunscreen too. I use it all the time and I love it. This too lasts a week when refrigerated.

Coconut water-rose water freshening spray

Mix equal amounts of rose water and coconut water and keep it in a spray bottle. Add a tsp of glycerin for added moisturising benefits. It makes my skin glowing and rosy, it is also helpful in whitening of skin and removing tan.

Sandalwood, honey and aloe Vera body wash

My skin is highly sensitive with getting rashes just by using soap. So I mix honey and aloe Vera gel in equal amounts and add sandalwood essential oil to it. And then I use it in place of my regular body wash. I think it works wonders, just try it for once and you’ll feel it yourself. Not only it makes my skin glowing but I feel much fresh and light after using it.

Sandalwood and rose petals ubtan

For exfoliating, I use sandalwood power mixed with equal amount of rose petals power and to it, I added twice the milk powder and a bit of saffron. It clears my acne is just one go and makes my skin extremely radiant. You can add orange peels too, but I am allergic to it and so I don’t use.

Olive oil cleanser

Massage your skin well with olive oil and then use a warm washcloth to wipe it away, the skin will glow like never before.

Milk cream and honey massage

Mix equal quantity of cream and honey and massage your skin well with it, you’ll be surprised to see the golden glow it imparts to your skin.

Sandalwood face pack

I can seriously never emphasize the effects of sandalwood enough, it’smy true love. Good for dry skin, good for oily one, removes my acne in one go and smells heavenly. Add equal amount of sandalwood power, rose petals power and almonds powder. Mix it with cream and honey and then apply on skin. Wash off with cold water and see the rosy Glow it imparts to your skin.

Saffron rose water lotion

Soak some saffron strands in rose water and keep it aside. Take some almond oil and add fresh rose petals and heat it in a double boiler until rose petals lose their color and then strain the oil. Do the same with half amount of coconut oil. Now in a double boiler, put almond oil, coconut oil, glycerin and heat it until it melts and mixes. Now add double saffron soaked rose water to it and mix it well. It is the best night lotion I have used in my life.

Healthy Food

Eat a lot of healthy food, especially walnuts and flax seeds for that unmatched glow. This tip I got from a little girl who had really red cheeks, and I couldn’t stop myself from asking her the reason, she told me that she eats lots of walnuts as her mother says it will give her reddish glow. Since then, I make it sure to munch on a few walnuts every day.

Workout and sweat the toxins out

There’s no need to diet or stay away from healthy fats, just make sure that you work them out.

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