The Slap Day 2023 Date just falls after the Valentine’s Day Date 2023. It falls on the 15th February every year which makes it a laughable concept among many. Just 2 days after the Kiss Day 2023, commences the Slap Day 2023 which further continues to Kick Day 2023, Breakup Day etc. The Valentines Day 2023 is sure special for many but the Anti-Valentine Week is not less i guess.

So celebrating Slap Day 2023? Are you? Since you are already are aware of the Slap Day 2023, let us now read about the Slap Day significance and the fact as to where this origin dates from. Also, the Slap Day 2023 falls on the 15th February falls just one day before the Kick Day 2023 so make sure you do not get confused between the two.

Do not forget to read about the history and origins of the Kick Day 2023. 

The Slap Day 2023 is not just a day during the Anti-Valentine Week 2023, it is a really fun day for some. Like you have already the Slap Day 2023 Date. Let us first know about the days after it as well. The Slap Day 2023 falls on the 15th Feb 2023, Kick Day 2023 on the 16th February 2023, Perfume Day 2023 on the 17th Feb, Flirt Day 2023 on 18th Feb, Confession Day on 19th February 2023, Missing Day on the 20th February and Breakup Day on 21st February 2023. 

Slap Day 2023

slap day 2023

The Slap Day 2023 has many shades to it, it can be celebrated healthily and sometimes people take it the wrong way leading to violent situations. Hence, before starting the article we would like to tell you that Slap Day 2023 is a fun event and not a revenge worthy one. So enjoy it with your friends and yes you can always slap your success on the face of those who have betrayed you.

Slap Day Significance

Slap Day 2023, sounds a little violent but is certainly a funny and a witty occasion. Be it Slap Day 2021 Date or the 2023 Date, it does not change. The Valentines Week 2023 consists of a day called the Slap Day that sets its roots on the 15th February every year. After the lovey-dovey week comes the astonishingly weird ” After Valentine Week 2023″ that starts with the Slap Day.

Many years went by celebrating the Slap Day, but the significance was unknown. We do not really know that what is the exact importance and reason behind celebrating the Slap Day. Many of us, celebrate the day with friends by playing the slap game and playing pranks on them. Besides, that a game called Slap and Punish is also played on this day. This game includes saying a code word just as you stand or sit, if you forget to say so – you get a slap from the one you are playing with.

Let us now try and understand what actually Slap Day 2023 is, you can read below to know the date and significance.

Slap Day Quotes

slap day 2023 wishes

Get Slappy, because the Anti-Valentine Week 2023 will commence with the Slap Day 2023 which is best known as the first step in moving on from the relationship track  Wish. you a very very Happy Slap Day 2023 first of all. But the thing is how are you going to wish to your loved ones or not so loved ones a Happy Slap Day ? Well, check out the awesome list of these Happy Slap Day 2023 Quotes from here. You can send these as Wishes, Quotes and SMS through Whatasapp, Facebook and other social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat as well.

” The Best Excuse after slapping someone face is to say that I didnt slap him, I just high fived his face.”

” Look at yourself in the mirror and slap yourself hard and then you will realize the pain you have given me throughout.”

” I love your smile, face and eyes and damn I am good at telling lies.” Wish you a very Happy Slap Day.”

” I will slap you by accident and on purpose.”

“If you propose a girl during valentine’s week and she was silent then don’t think she was shy. Just hide on February 15, the slap day because you may get answer on this day.”

” Somebody asked me yesterday, how to avoid an unwanted proposal during Valentine Week, a slap is best choice be it verbally or physically.” 

”  I hope Karma slaps you before I do.”

” Slap your face twice a day.”

” The problem with two faced people is deciding which side to slap first.”

” I wish I could smack the stupid out of people, and If you think status is about you slap yourself first.”

Slap Day 2023 History

when is slap day 2018 date in India

The Slap Day is celebrated on the 15th February as you all know. There is no actual reason for celebrating the Slap Day. It is just a day after the Valentines Day that is commemorated as a day when the relationship starts to go on a downfall. It is said that people first love, fight and then eventually break up with each other. Although these days should not be taken seriously, they certainly can be celebrated for fun purposes.

How To Celebrate Slap Day

slap day 2023 date

Slap Day can be celebrated in end number of ways of which some are listed below for your convenience. The Slap Day Celebration is a by far the most awaited days among school children because of the reason of pranking on this very day. People do not take this day seriously, it is just a second April Fools Day for some.

Slapping does not mean that you will go on a slapping spree among your group. Moderating the prank rush inside you is equally important. Read below some ways in which Slap Day 2023 can be celebrated.

1. Happy Slap Day Quiz

slap day 2023 date in india

In this game, you can ask people to answer questions about their first slap and from whom did they receive it. The person with the most number of slaps wins the game. You can also keep a prize for this Slap Day Quiz.

2. Happy Slap Day Red Hand

slap day 2023 date in india

This game suits the best on the occasion of Slap Day as the crux of this game is to slap each other on the hands. It is also called the Red Hand game because people usually are left with red and bruised hands after the game finishes. The winner of the game is the one who survives the slaps and stays in the game until the last.

3. BlindFold Slap Game

slap day 2023 India Valentine Week

This game is the best way to take revenge from people whom you don’t like. In this game, you can ask for participation and then make groups of two. Now, one group will be blindfolded and other will slap the former ( Remember not to slap harshly). The blindfolded will have to identify the rivals by hands. The game after one round will turn vice versa. The team with the most accurate identification will win the game.

Some Things To Remember While Playing The Slap Day 2023 Games!

  • You should not slap anybody harshly or violently.
  • Try not to force anyone to play the Slap Game, although you can ask people to voluntarily opt for participation.
  • Do not play any kind of pranks with strangers.

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