It’s a little tough to get that vaporous look up to the point. If not done the right way, the look can make you look very messy and if done right, it can look really really sexy. I came across this quote and found it be really witty and totally relatable for many. So it goes like this “ Some girls do a smokey eye and look like a sultry vixen, but when I try and do it, I end up looking like a Panda coming home from a one night stand”.

Let’s go step and step and learn the way to do a smokey eye excellently.

# Putting up the base

Apply a foundation which suits your skin tone with a beauty blender decently. If you want the makeup base to be a little subtle, then you can also apply a BB cream on your face with the help of a brush.

# Concealing the rest

Try and conceal all the blemishes and dark spots if you have any with the help of a concealer. I would recommend you to go with the MAC concealer, they are really really good and provide high coverage.

# Moisturize the eye

Apply a good eye cream on your eyes as it will help you reduce all the puffiness and darkness. You should invest in an eye cream because eyes are the first to show signs of aging.

# Eye shadowing

  1. Take up some white eyeshadow and apply it on your eyelids with your ring finger. Then apply some golden eyeshadow onto your inner eyelids with the help of an eyeshadow brush. After that take up a grey shimmery eyeshadow and with a brush apply it at the center of the eyelid and blend nicely on the whole part.
  2. Now, take up some plain grey eyeshadow and blend that on the outer V of the eyelid. After that take up an orangy brown shade and blend it on the crease.
  3. Take up a darker grey color and starting from the outer V, blend it profusely. Make sure it’s dark enough.
  4. Apply a very light shade of cream and apply it on the upper crease.
  5. Highlight the brow bone with a highlighting powder in cream color.
  6. Take a dark green shade and apply it on the lower lash line with the help of a brush.

# Making the eyes look bigger

Apply a winged eyeliner with the help of a brush if possible for you. Now, using a black eyeliner pencil or a kajal, highlight the lower lashline.

# Grow up the lashes and conceal again

Apply a good mascara and if possible wear fake eyelashes. Take up the concealer palette again and apply under the eyes for a more brightened up look.

# Shimmer lady

Apply some highlighter underneath the eye area and on the nose bone to accentuate your glossy face.

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