They say a man can often be judged with one look at his footwear choice. That does not mean that you have to waltz around in upscale dress shoes every day for the rest of your life, but an informed way of choosing the right footwear is a good way to create a nice style statement for yourself. Today, the top brands offer an exclusive array of casual and sporty shoes that you can pair up with a large spectrum of outfits. Browse the latest collections and find your favourite styles and tones.

Footwear for Casual Affairs

There are a plethora of options when you shop for casual shoes for men. Tan boots and similarly styled footwear are making a comeback, a great accompaniment for the chinos and casual jacket look. Maintaining a smart look is the key when it comes to your footwear. Canvas slip-ons are chic and casual, an effortless style combined with an elegant shape that would go with your denim and cargos equally well. Choose from a selection of loafers and sneakers by abof Men. Vans are another world-famous brand with its own distinctive style of casual shoes, including many vibrant colour choices. The traditional canvas shoes have been reinvented in many ways, combining different colours and styles to create more modern designs. United Colours of Benetton features a line of casual shoes in its trademark urban pastels. Some of the other popular brands of casual shoes include Knotty Derby, Sparx, Buckaroo, Woodland and Wildcraft.

Stylish and Comfortable – Men’s Sneakers

Who hasn’t fallen in love with a pair of sneakers? We all have that one favourite pair which becomes a companion for years. From rock concerts to house parties and those college classes in the middle, our sneakers speak a story of youth and constant fun. The latest designs in sneakers for men harness the classic vibe of a sneaker and experiment with different textures and colour themes. Solids are always a great choice as they can fit into your smart casual outfits seamlessly. White sneakers are versatile choices that go with your dark denim and casual trousers. Black sneakers are another wardrobe essential. Retro high-tops will always be an endearing choice. The texture is very important when you are looking for a pair of sneakers, along with tone and hue.

Wear your sneakers with rolled up denim or casual trousers. Pair this look with a V-neck solid coloured tee and a light jacket for a modern, confident look. You can also stick to a more masculine, classic look, combining your sneakers with a pair of dark blue jeans and a flannel print shirt. Some of the latest eye-catching collections of sneakers include the newest range by United Colors of Benetton, abof Men, BCK by Buckaroo, Fila, Adidas Neo, North Star by Bata and Puma.

A Changing Experience

Online shopping now is an even more immersive experience than just adding stuff to your cart. Features like visual search allow you to look for a particular pair using an image you have and sites like abof have introduced personalized content, which means that your shopping experience also includes tips, product recommendations and exciting discoveries.

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