On the festival of Baisakhi, we have a lot of Bhangra and Giddha performances for which people search for Bhangra costumes for sale. Well, you can find a bunch of Bhangra dresses online. The Bhangra dresses for girls and the Bhangra dress for boys can be bought from various costume shops nearby at really amazing prices during this time.

If you are heading up to a Baisakhi party, it is genuinely important for you to look classy and beautiful at the same time and why not it is Baisakhi after all, it is the new year. The Baisakhi traditional wear can include a bunch of things like the Salwar Kameez, Kurta Pyjamas and so on and so forth. Let us head up to the list of some traditional clothes that are worn on Baisakhi and that can accentuate our look to a 200% on the festival.


The Ramal is a Punjabi language pronunciation of the word “ Rumal” which means a Handkerchief. It is tied around the wrist or the finger of the Bhangra or the Giddha performer which makes an extremely amazing effect when you swirl your fingers.

Pag (Turban)

The turban is worn by the men of the Sikh family. Although, it is a permanent part of their outfit but those who do not wear it on a regular basis, also wear it on the festival of Baisakhi.


The Kaintha is a kind of necklace that it is worn by men. The material of the Kaintha can be of any metal. The aura of the Kaintha is such that there is a whole sole Punjabi song dedicated to it.


The Torla is a sign of pride for the Punjabi men and is worn over the Turban or Peg. It looks like a peacock who has spread its wings while dancing. The Bhangra performances are totally incomplete without wearing the Torla.


The Chadar is similar to a Lungi in most of the ways. It is a colorful cloth tied around the waist. It’s just like a pleated skirt if we try to explain it in a more easier way. The Chadar is embroidered or decorated accordingly to the wearer’s preferences.


The Jugi is like the Nehru Jacket worn over the upper wear with the Kaintha. The only difference between a Nehru jacket and a Jugi is that it does not have pockets and buttons. You can color coordinate the Jugi with your dress and look amazing.


Many of you must be already knowing about the Paranda and its significance. Well, it is a kind of braid tassel and worn over the hair. Wearing Paranda immediately increases your chances of looking like really really appealing. Plus it makes your hair look really long.

Suggi Phull

The Suggi Phull is a kind of Maang Tikka worn by the female performers or girls who are participating in the Giddha dance. It looks like a flower which is protruding out. It can be of any metal or color of your choice.

“May the cheerful festival of Baisakhi usher in good times and happiness that you so rightly deserve. Have a wonderful day! Happy Baisakhi.”

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