The long awaited teaser of the upcoming south-Indian movie “Spyder” has been released starring the protagonist Mahesh Babu. The spy-thriller will hit the big screens in the month of September 2017. The movie is directed by A.R. Murugadoss who is best known for his action-packed Tamil and Telugu films. Soon after the release of a short teaser clip, the fans cannot control their eagerness to watch the movie.

The movie is said to be made on a budget of about 90 crores. The teaser looks promising and will attract the sci-fi genre movie lovers. With a duration of 1.14-minute, the teaser justified the title of the movie and portrayed the main lead as the spy. The glimpse of the movie reveals that the film will be based on a spy who is quite good at operating the technical devices and his major creation seemed as a mere cube which got itself converted into a mechanical spyder.

The movie will surely be something to look forward for with its VFX effects as the way tech-spyder transformed itself and crawled all over Mahesh gave the fans a screen delight. The director AR Murugadoss is pretty good when it comes to direct movies with such genre. The film is scheduled to release on Dussehra in Tamil and Malayalam.

As per the movie experts, Mahesh will be confined to the role of an Intelligence Bureau (IB) Officer while the role of antagonist will be played by SJ Suryah who will be involved in bioterrorism. Going by the visuals, fans might see an epic clash between IB Officer and Bioterrorist. Currently, the film unit is on the verge of completing the film and planning the events of post-production.

The alternate teaser showcased Mahesh fighting against the criminals who are spreading their evil roots through the use of technology. It had other notable scenes such as a giant piece of boulder crushing the vehicles on the roadway, high-octane fighting sequence, roller-coaster misfortune and yes don’t forget the masked person who seemed as a serious threat. Rakul Preet Singh is playing the role of protagonist’s love interest who appeared in the teaser a couple of occasions. Both the versions of teaser left us clueless about the plot of the movie but at the same time made the fans excited to watch it.

The expectations are sky-rocketing and it is assured that the movie will attract the movie goers and ultimately fetch huge profits if the verdict goes in the favour of the movie.

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