The St. Patrick’s day falls on the Christian season of Lent, which is being observed as an Irish holiday since 1000 years now. Ireland’s foremost patron saint died on this day during the 5th century and was well known as the most generous human being and helper of the society. Most of you would like to know about the fact that who is St. Patrick’s day! Hence are are some revelations about him?

The very astonishing fact about St. Patrick is he was not actually Irish but a Christian, he was the one responsible for turning the Irish people into Christianity. 17th March is observed as the St. Patrick’s day according to the Irish Calendar. Here, is a beautiful Irish St. Patrick’s day blessings for all the readers “ May the roof above us never fall in, and we friends who are gathered below never fall out”.

St. Patrick’s Day History

St. Patrick was a part of the Christian missionary who actually was kidnapped by the Irish and was taken as a slave for six years of his life. He converted thousands of people to Christianity and became the foremost patron of Ireland. This was actually a turning point in his life which changed him from a missionary to a very kind man, he devoted 8 years of life for converting people from Pagan culture towards Christianity and people are utterly thankful to him for his gesture.

You should probably know about The St. Patrick’s day Traditions and facts if you are planning to head towards Ireland in March this season.

Why do people wear green on St. Patrick’s day?

There are numerous reasons and myths related to this question. Some say that people wear green to secure themselves from the Leprechauns who pinch anybody who is not wearing green color, another reason behind the greet attire is the presence of the color in Ireland’s national flag. Wearing green is also related to celebrating their Irish heritage.

Why do people have Cabbage and Corned Beef on this day?

The Irish people consume such food to commemorate the times when Irish Americans did not have money to afford luxury dishes. They have cabbage because it’s cheap and the corned beef was the only meat that they could possibly afford. Pork is also a dish which is affiliated with the festival and is also widely available in Ireland.

The Irish Parade

There are a number of Parades organized in the United States as well, these include fun fairs, different kinds of plays, interesting concerts and special acts and dances by the Leprechauns. These people dress up is green as small bodies who haunt people with cunning tricks, plays, and pranks.

Decoration with Shamrocks

People decorate themselves with Shamrock leaves which are actually considered sacred in Ireland. It is believed that it stands as a symbol of spring and pride which was used by the rebellions who stood against the English invaders.

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