Take a stroll around your house and feel the excitement and enthusiasm during India’s biggest Festival. The illuminating Diyas and lights certainly invoke optimistic feelings in our hearts. Sugariness surrounds our atmosphere and our homes too. Relatives and friends fetch so many sweet edibles for us that we become all greedy and childlike again. While a couple of pieces are more than enough, we tend to eat so much sometimes. Tough to resist isn’t it? If you really care about yourself and your body then you need to be a little iron fisted with yourselves.

We also create an unhealthy meal plan for those who visit our house.Let us become an inspiration and ditch those oily and guilt-stricken foods for the good of everybody. I have thus curated a list of options that you can choose from for a healthy Diwali. I know we love to do it the age-old way but let us change for the best.

Learn to bound yourself away from the unhealthy options

I know it is tough to not binge on Kaju Katli and Jalebi which is being offered to you so the best way is to either distract yourself or to ask for a very little piece of it. Command your stubborn sweet tooth to completely be under controls.

Go for healthy salads and sugar-free sweets

You can opt for dry fruits oats laddoos which contain a heap of nutritional ingredients such as sesame seeds, oats, walnuts, dates and dry fruits of your choice. Curate everything and try and make the recipe well before in hand. For the savory purpose, you can try out oats Tikki and poha chivda which are really lip-smacking options.

Get up and exercise

No matter what kind of diet plans you opt for, exercising your body is a must for all. I know how our schedule is jam-packed during the Diwali season but just try and keep out 30 minutes for this purpose. You can go for a stroll early in the morning and come back all fresh and gleaming.

Fend off alcohol and Aerated drinks

Neglect making alcohol an important and vital part of your festivities. This will not only add up to your calories but will also spoil yours and your loved one’s festive mood. Instead, seek out for some appetizing and mouthwatering mocktails. These are not only healthy but are also appealing to the eyes.

Do not hurry

Eating too quickly and drastically may leave you all filled up and heavy. Instead, opt for very little portions of whatever is on the menu. This way you be good to your gut as well as can taste anything you want to.

Stay healthy pals, wish you a very happy Diwali.

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