As consumers, information is key to making better buying decisions. Therefore, whenever we are about to invest in an expensive piece of appliance, we should always spend some time reading up a few things about the product so that we get what we wanted, rather than regret later on because of a bad buying decision. 

If you are thinking of buying new inverter battery and have been confused as to which is the best inverter battery in India, then we are here to help. To put it simply, there is no single best battery for every household, because it is subjective and depends on whether a particular battery solves your unique power requirements or not; however, there are certain points that you should take into considerations to be able to find that battery faster and without much hassle. 

So, what are those considerations? Let’s take a brief look!

Your Power Requirement Vs Load Capacity

We all have different sets of requirements when it comes to power requirement. While some may put more emphasis on the air conditioning during an outage, others might be happy with just the ceiling fan while putting more emphasis on their home server. Therefore, you first need to figure out which of the appliances you would want to run off this auxiliary power and which ones you can make do without, or if you would like backup for each of the appliances. Once that’s been decided, you need to pick a battery that can handle that load requirement. For this, look at the battery’s Ah or ampere hours to get an idea about the battery’s load handling capacity, ideally a 150 Ah battery should suffice for a typical Indian household, but you can also opt for a 220 Ah battery or combine multiple batteries in case you have a higher load requirement. 

Build Quality

The best inverter battery in India would usually be manufactured using a process called HADI or High-Pressure Gravity Type Casting, since it’s currently the best available technology and batteries manufactured using this technique are robust, durable and last much longer compared to batteries manufactured using any of the last gen technologies. So, if you want maximum value for your money, then do read up the fine print to figure out how the battery was manufactured. 

Service Life and Maintenance Costs

We all love value for money products, and it’s no different when it comes to inverter batteries. And because an inverter battery is something that you would be ideally purchasing once every several years, it makes it even more important to choose a battery that can last that long. Therefore, service life and a lower cost of ownership plays a crucial role in the battery’s overall quality. The best inverter battery in India typically lasts anywhere between 5-10 years and requires little to no maintenance. Always opt for an inverter battery that ticks this box, so that you don’t end up with a mediocre battery that won’t last long and on the contrary, cost you more even with a shorter life span in maintenance. 

If you pay close attention to the 3 points we discussed above, you should have no problem finding the best inverter battery in India for cars and bikes. Make sure you follow them and read up on verified customer reviews to get an idea about a battery’s performance, build quality and service life. 

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