World Heart Day falls on the 29th September every year. The World Heart Day Theme 2018 is no different from the past year ones. The World Heart Day is celebrated so as to spread awareness about the two most prominent menaces which are cardiovascular diseases and strokes. Many activities such as poster making and slogan making are conducted at various places. World Heart Day Themes are set for commencing the World Health Day Campaigns at all those places where the awareness is less. World Heart Day Celebrations are led at many places to let people understand the importance of keeping the heart healthy.

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Today’s lifestyle has made our hearts prone to more diseases and weaknesses. The World Heart Day is conducted by the World Heart Federation to awaken people to pay attention to their hearts a little bit more and take care of all those around us. The World Heart Day 2017 was a very successful event where in a lot of countries participated and did their bits. For instance, children in Maldives made a heart shaped group and recited steps to make the heart healthy.

The World Heart Day was started in the year 1999 and is continued and carried forward by the World Heart Federation every year.

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Keep Your Heart Healthy By Following These Steps

Limit Salt Intake

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The salt intake affects the blood pressure level of the body which eventually puts strain on the heart. Whenever we consume more than the salt required by the body, it is stored in there and thus the blood pressure increases which then makes the heart work more.

Exercise and Walk

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It is rightly said that the exercise should be regarded as tribute to the heart because it is the most significant step by which you can help keep your heart healthy. Doctors recommend 30 minutes of brisk walk per day to prevent heart diseases.

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Quit Smoking

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This might appear difficult but is quite a significant step in order to keep the heart healthy. Stop smoking because it affects the arteries and the lungs the most. Even if you are a non-smoker try to stay away from the place where people are smoking.

Do Not Stress Out

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Stress is like havoc for the heart and its functioning. You might not feel the way its affecting the heart but it does. Smile and laugh as frequently and as hard as you can. To avoid stress, you can practice yoga or listen to music for instance.

Do Not Sit For Long

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If your job demands you to sit at one place for a longer period of time then you can reduce your risk easily by standing up from time to time. You can take small walks to reduce the affects of the sedentary job.

Eat Healthy

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This might feel very common and repetitive but it is a sure fire way to ensure the good health of your body and heart. Avoid consuming junk food more than twice in a week. Eat vegetables and fruits in ample amount.

Drink More Water

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Never ever compromise the intake of water throughout the day. It is advised to drink 8 glasses of water in a day but you can start slowly and steadily with 4-5 glasses first and gradually increase your intake. Drinking water helps the heart to do its job more efficiently.

Snack Every 3 Hours

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Several doctors recommend eating small meals after 3 hours because this prevents the body from going into the starvation process as this makes the heart work more. Eating also boosts fat burning process.

Regular Checkups Are Important

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Even if there is nothing wrong, you should keep having regular check ups at least once in a year. This ensures early catch of any procuring disease in the body.

Consume Alcohol In Moderation

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Having a glass of wine a day is not bad for the body but having other alcoholic drinks after every second day is a havoc on the health of the heart. Not consuming Alcohol in moderation causes irregular heartbeats to happen.

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