Whenever you feel stressed just remember one thing that Lou Holtz once said, “ It is not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it. Yes! That is true. The next time you feel broken because of anything in life just remember that nothing can be achieved in one whole day and there are people who really care for you and actually love you.

Do you know that 99% of the things you worry about actually do not happen? I assume that the most important thing that everyone is stressed about is their future. They keep on thinking about a certain set of things which are probably not in their hands and not even going to happen. They are just pessimistic about things that they can’t control. Well, worrying and planning about the future up to a certain extent is okay but thinking just about it all day and all night long is not at all acceptable.

People do follow things to reduce their stress but often fail because they are either not following them correctly or the mere rule is not up to the mark and that is why we are here with a disclaimer on things which are a big fail as stress management techniques. Let us look at some of them from over here.

Drinking and Smoking

This is the worst of all things that you can do when you are stressed. Although, most of us resort to this thing when we are really sad and upset but this is not at all the solution and should not be followed no matter how much relieving it feels to you. You should remember that this kind of stress-reducing technique is temporary and hazardous to the health as well.

Binge watching shows

Sitting on the couch the whole day and just watching the television and web shows back to back is not going to relieve your stress. It is going to furthermore make you more passive in your approach.

Listening to upsetting songs

While this might seem really really tempting to you, it is not a very good choice when you are already stressed and sad. We really mean it, do not ever try and listen to sad songs when you are not feeling good about yourself. They will make you cry even more.

Binging on junk food

Some people tend to eat more of junk food when they are upset about something. The stress releasing hormone cortisol is emitted out in our brains which in turn makes us feel more hungry. We tend to binge on carbs like cookies, chips and etc to curb that hunger. Please have good food if you are hungry and do not binge on junk as it is unhealthy and not good for your body at all.

Do not blabber on social media

While it is very important to share our feelings with our loved ones. Excessively sharing your about your feelings on social media is not a good thing at all. You need to realize that your virtual friends do not care about you much and all they will do is either make fun of it or gossip with other people. So, please share only with those whom you trust the most.  

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