Girls with naturally heavy hair are heavily gifted with a plethora of options already to style up their hair. They have a range of options like the Pixie cut, one with bangs, the shag or the famously renowned bob cut. Hollywood has been bombing with ladies donning some of the best short and sleek haircuts. Taylor Swift is seen in a short haircut from time immemorial now and undoubtedly looks fabulous.

I have created a lineup of some of the prettiest haircuts to choose from. Glide on through an array of options to choose from.

# Bob Cut

This one is a veteran in the hairstyle fraternity. If you do not want to get into all brainstorming and thing, choose this one right away. The bob cut has been a classic one for ages unknown now.

# High Low Haircut

This one is perfect for women who do not want to be on the either side of the boat. These will push your mane to be until your chain. I would recommend a session of rebonding your hair after getting this haircut to get a chic look.

# Wavy Haircut

This will completely transform you to a beach babe. From kids to ladies in their 50 are going to look absolutely smashing in this one. You can add up some pearls to accessorize your hair to get the perfect mermaid look.

# The undercut

It has been stolen from men hairstyle society but totally looks even glossier on women. Babes who do not want to waste even a jiffy for styling up their mane can opt for this one. This is pretty much easy to maintain. look out to any of Miley Cyrus’s images for your reference.

A women who cuts her hair is about to change her life !

# Windswept Sass

This one totally looks like you have emerged out of a romantic scene from a movie. It will require some of your efforts to look after it. Try out getting the ombre hair color for a more playful effect.

#Side parted short hairstyles

If you want to conjoin the feeling of a sexy look and a no mess girlie then go for it blindfolded. Kristen Stewart has put together her out of the world facial features kneaded up with this work of art and she is totally a bang on.

# The Pixie

If you want to wander on the steps of the legendary actress Audrey Hepburn, then this one is the right one for you. This needs absolutely no effects and will stand by for you for the rest of your life.

A few years ago, Emo haircut had been a hit amongst the internet buffs. If you want to add glamour to your already done hair, the best way is to take help of the accessories. Style up yourself with a headband or a pretty Barrette to go with. You can also glam up yourself with a colorful headwrap or funky clips.

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