The first teaser trailer of Sultan, the Salman Khan’s upcoming flick, has released recently. This teaser is just unbelievably wow. I bet, you have never seen Salman Khan in this avatar earlier. The Salman is playing the role of 40-year-old Haryanvi Wrestler, Sultan Ali Khan, in it. After the poster of the movie now this teaser trailer is buzzing all around the internet.

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The teaser was released on 12th April 2016 (Tuesday) and in just 24 hours, it has more than 3 million viewers. You can imagine the expectation that fans have from this movie with this. The full trailer is all set to release on this Thursday.

This teaser trailer starts with the image of Yash Raj film banner with sand all around it and then a tagline appear which means that wrestling is a fight with yourself, a fight which is going on within you. Then a foot shot of Salman appears where he is stepping on to the a sandy floor. After this, a blurry figure appears in black langot dragging a heavy weight with a rope.

Then scene shift to the wrestling ring where people with the flags, scribed with the name of Sultan, in their hands and shouting the name of their favourite wrestler, Sultan. The announcement is going in which announcer declares about some tournament where Sultan is going to participate with words: Haryana ki shan, Haryane ki Jaan-Sultan Ali Khan!
Then again scene shift to Sultan who is preparing for the tournament. This shot is showing his strong shoulders and arms. He is lifting heavy weights and then there is back shot of Salman as he is coming to the Westling ring. Sultan then enters the wrestling ring, rubbing his hand with sand with the intense emotions on the face. At the background, a song is playing about Sultan’s passion for wrestling.

People are shouting Sultan’s name, then he charged at his opponent and smacks him down. He is declared a clear winner and then he gives a winner pose in the ring with full attitude. From this trailer, it is clear that movie is full of energy and power. This trailer has made it difficult for fans to wait for the movie.

Fans have a lot of expectation from this movie. Except Salman, Anushka Sharma and Randeep Hooda are also in the main role. The story and role are still under the veil. You have to wait for it. But this is sure that you will see a lot of ‘Daav’ of Sultan in a movie.
This movie will be released on Eid this year. Earlier there was clash between Sultan and Raees (Shahrukh upcoming movie) release date. But now, Raees is postponed whereas Sultan will be released on the same date.

Now we are eagerly waiting to see Salman in Sultan Ali Khan Avatar and hoping that this movie will break his earlier box-office record.

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