Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma deliver realistic performances that add to Sultan’s USP. Story of this movie takes us through relatable events that makes us like it even more.


Cast: Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Randeep Hooda
Director: Ali Abbas Zafar
Rating: 3.5/5


Sultan (Salman Khan) is a 40 year old former wrestler who had a glorious past. Once upon a time, no opponent could survive against Sultan in the arena. In other words, he was the literal Sultan when it came to wrestling.

Aarfa (Anushka Sharma) is an ambitious wrestler who is keen at winning gold at Olympics. [Here it is noteworthy that Anushka’s character once again (after NH 10) speaks volumes about women empowerment and plus points to director and script writer for seamlessly tailowring such a concept in Sultan.] Sultan and Aarfa meet, fall in love, and thus Sultan’s life takes a larger meaning.

In life, as in cinema, twists and turns abound. So it happens with Sultan and Aarfa too.

As a 40 year old former wrestler, Sultan is reliving his glory days when a young entrepreneur Aakash Oberoi (Amit Sadh) ropes him in for a plan.

Sultan struggles to get back on shape and rule his akahadas and beyond once again.

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We liked Sultan for primarily three factors

  1. Salman Khan has a charisma of his own. Yet that has not obliterated the rustic and rugged feeling of the character. In fact, it has only added infinite value to portrayal of the depth of struggles of Sultan.
  2. Anushka Sharma yet again comes across with a great performance. Her character Aarfa was central to the movie’s plot; unlike many eye candy roles offered to female co stars.
  3. The story had everything – Love, Drama, Action, Emotion, Comedy. You will smile at times, whistle, cry and in the end go back home very happy.

The essence of a good movie is to make you feel good

A feel good movie is preferred as a wholesome entertainer, over any other type. Sultan is undeniably a mainstream Bollywood movie, but one that has gone beyond the song and dance.

Here are a few reasons why you should go and watch Sultan now!

Sultan is one of Salman Khan’s best characters

You will be inspired to never give up 

Aarfa will show a side to being an empowered woman

You will be happy singing and dancing with Sultan and Aarfa

You will shed a few tears when things go wrong

You will rejoice when Sultan sets a new milestone

A warm happy feeling will set in inside you when Sultan ends

It is a great Eid gift from Salman Bhai to all his fans

Thank you Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Ali Abbas Zafar for Sultan!

all GIFs from Youtube / Yash Raj Films

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