SYPWAI: it all started with an idea

For several months now, a new player has been leading the market. Innovation in the artificial intelligence sector. It is amazing how in the blink of an eye a no-name startup becomes one of the most recognizable and fastest-growing companies in the world. Why did this happen? How did a young product manage to move its entrenched peers in the sector off its pedestal?

Simple. An idea. SYPWAI can offer this world an innovation everyone can embrace. Even those who are far removed from science and the study of AI.

Let’s go over it in order

The idea for this startup came precisely at a time when there were no offerings on the market that could satisfy both businesses and people of the people. In the era of global digitalization, when the world is changing at breakneck speed, you have to keep your ears open. In fact, SYPWAI enables people to get in touch with the creation and improvement of innovative technologies, thereby exploring scientific trends and keeping up-to-date with the latest developments.

SYPWAI ideology

Right from the start SYPWAI decided that it would not expand on its own but rather modernize its various companies.

“From the beginning, we wanted to develop the world. We believe that our good purpose will bear its multifaceted fruit in the near future. What is the point of developing ourselves while the whole world is thinking about how to solve this or that problem? Why to waste precious time looking for a solution when SYPWAI can offer a ready-made solution which will not only modernize production, making the process faster and more enjoyable but also automate it and bring in new revenue”, says the COO (Chief Operations Officer).

The slogan of SYPWAI is ‘solve your problem with AI’. The slogan applies not only to businesses that can easily solve their problems in an innovative way, but also to people who can make money by training artificial intelligence.

Why SYPWAI engages people from all over the world

21st century. The era of total digitalization. A time when automated systems can easily replace human resources, as it will be both faster and safer.

No wonder new professions are emerging. SYPWAI didn’t stand by either and offered society a new profession – data marker. To put it simply, people are training a neural network. The whole process is similar to an educational game for children, only instead of a child, it’s machine intelligence.

The news quickly spread around the world and appealed to a lot of people

“Firstly, we are impressed by the idea that we have offerings not only for businesses but also for people. Secondly SYPWAI has grown so much that we can offer jobs to everyone who wants them and even so there is no shortage of them. It is worth considering that already thousands of people from all over the planet are cooperating with us and are happy. We are really proud of the fact that on all fronts, we are investing as much as we can,” says the Chief Human Resources Officer.

Helping people find their mission

“Do you know many people who would like to work in academia but don’t want to be taken on internships to get out of the way? I am one of them. I came to SYPWAI with the understanding that I would not be offered good conditions, but with great potential. The selection process was tough and each stage was grueling, so that the best of the best could apply. I was one of the best. You can’t imagine how happy I was when I joined the company and started doing really important research. I was helped every step of the way, cared for and asked if I understood everything. Isn’t that bliss?” – says Laura Smith, a Conestoga College graduate.

SYPWAI is always happy to open its doors to those who really want to touch the creation of innovative technology and create the future together.

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