Looking for an android phone spyware app? Here’s a comparison between XNSPY and mSpy

Since everyone is glued to their phones, almost all the private information is stored there. With the android phone spyware apps gaining popularity, there is no minding your own business today. These spy apps can be used by the employers to avoid employee fraud; by the parents to keep a tab on their kids; and … Read more

Now you can know what your friends think of you with Sarahah App

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All you need to know about the mAadhaar App

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) recently launched an Android Application called mAadhar which aims to eliminate the need for using the Aadhar Card in its physical form. The app allows the users to store their Aadhaar Data on their Smartphone in a digital form. While stored that way, sharing the Aadhar data would … Read more

5 Ways Smartphones Make us Superhuman

Smartphones get a bad rap sometimes. Yes, they impinge on our waking lives in merciless torrent of messages, prompts and notifications, ebbing at our own mindfulness. They keep us agitated in a perennial state of distraction, drawing ire from employers, lovers and other motorists as well. Still, for all their social flaws, smartphones do have … Read more