Superhero Movies 2017 List

I am superhero movie buff. Don’t ask me if I am a DC fan or a Marvel fan :P..That’s something you will never know 😉 I wait for superhero movies to release. Looking at the worldwide collections superhero movies do, I guess I am not the only superhero movie fan here. So, 2017 was no … Read more

25 Best Movies of 2017 (So Far)

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Logan 2nd Trailer Is A Masterpiece Making Us More Excited About Logan

20th Century Fox unveiled the second trailer of Logan. It has some real action going down set in a near future timeline. With a young girl who may or may not be a clone of the Wolverine, Logan 2nd trailer makes us X Men fans wait more eagerly for Logan.

The first teaser showed us glimpses of what Logan may hold – Professor X and Wolverine mentoring a young girl with capabilities like Wolverine. This new trailer gives a clearer picture.

Laura (X-23) has claws like Wolverine and similar tendencies to pick up a fight. While Wolverine has discovered he may not be so good at healing any more he is also taking care of a 90 year old Charles Xavier. Now it is up to the old and wise duo to take care of the young and wild Laura. Cue, the bad men arrive to take her (most likely) to government facilities.

Here is the first trailer.

source: YT / 20th Century Fox

Also this is the second trailer.
source: YT / 20th Century Fox

Will this be more melancholy than the preceeding X-Men movies? Maybe. But one thing is for sure, this feels closer to home.

Logan Official Trailer Starring Hugh Jackman

Logan trailer is here. The movie revolves around Marvel Comics’ character Wolverine in the X Men universe. Going by the trailer, Logan will portray such a time in the storyline when mutants have all but faded out.

Logan Trailer

We see Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) whose wounds are not healing fast enough, an ageing Professor X (Patrick Stewart), cyborg Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) and the little girl with Wolverine like powers Laura Kinney / X 23 (Dafne Keen).

The movie is set in the X Men / Wolverine universe of Marvel. As the X Men series has progressed, the theme has generally progressed towards a darker mood.

Logan Release Date

Logan will release in USA on 3 March 2017. Across other countries it will release on various dates between 1 to 8 March 2017.

On one hand we see Logan / Wolverine with several scars across his body; showing that his healing powers aren’t what they used to be. Whereas on the other Professor X isn’t in the prime of his youth either. He look sold and frail, although with X 23 in the story, there seems to be some life pumped back into him.

X 23 has been a character in the comics. Laura Kinney is a female clone of the Wolverine, albeit with two claws instead of three. It will be interesting to see how her story unfolds.

The movie trailer has set Wolverine fans, and overall all Marvel fans into a flurry of discussions. Everyone is quite eager to know how the new team works out.

Logan Plot Synopsys

Nathaniel Essex / Mister Sinister the supervillain makes his first appearance in movies with Logan. His corporation is executing irreversible damage to the world.

Mutants are no longer; they are down to a few. Mutant children however are being used for military purposes.

It is down to Wolverine, Professor Charles Xavier, and X 23 to save the world. Can they do it?