7 Hours to Go (2016) Box Office Collections: Prediction

Under the production banner of Krian Pictures, 7 Hours To Go is releasing in India on 24 June 2016. It is an action thriller drama movie starring Shiv Pandit, Natasa Stankovic, Sandeepa Dhar, Varun Badola, Himanshu Malik, RJ Kettan Singh and RJ Rohit Veer. Saurabh Verma has donned the hat of a director for the second … Read more

7 Hours To Go: Trailer, Cast, Release Date

An action thriller, 7 Hours To Go is a hostage drama. A man takes 7 hostages and asks the cops to solve a crime in 7 hours, this sets the premise of the movie that translates into a fast paced action thriller. Directed by Saurabh Verma has roped in famous action directors Javed-Ejaz to choreograph the action sequences that promise a treat to audience.

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7 Hours To Go Trailer

source: YT / Krian Pictures

7 Hours To Go Cast

Actors:  Shiv Pandit, Natasa Stankovic, Sandeepa Dhar, Varun Badola, Himanshu Malik, RJ Kettan Singh and RJ Rohit Veer.

Directoe – Saurabh Varma
Producer –  Nitika Thakur
Music by – Hanif Shaikh, Sugat Shubham
Cinematography – Milind Jog
Production company – Krian Pictures

7 Hours To Go Release Date

7 Hours To Go will release in India on 24 June 2016.

​Sandeepa Dhar​ Doing Some Daredevil Stunts Which Even Most Men Will Shy From

Tiger Shroff is one actor who inspires many youngsters. Latest added to his fan club is actor Sandeepa Dhar who had shared screen space with him in Heropanti. Tiger Shroff being a fitness freak is always on the go. There are not many actors in Bollywood who can match up with his dancing and Stunt performing skills.

Inspired by his stunt performing skills Sandeepa says, ” My introduction to MMA happened when I was shooting for Heropanti with Tiger Shroff. I used to see him performing these dare devil kind of stunts, through the course of the film and I learnt about his training routine from him.”

Sandeepa is playing a cop in 7 hours to go for which she is learning MMA and Parkour.

“For 7 hours to go I needed to look like someone who has gone through some action training physically , I felt it was important for me to learn a martial art form so that my body language is like a cop. Thus I started learning MMA from a trainer who used to train Sushant Singh Rajput.”

It would be fun too see Sandeepa doing some daredevil stunts which even most men will shy from.