The Shawshank Redemption: Salvation Lies Within

How a simple dialogue (Shawshank Redemption Quotes) from a movie became a concept in itself, a topic with numerous discussions on google, with various meanings and so on. The movie which created such an impact is THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. The movie is an epitome of cinematic brilliance, though the purpose of this article is not to describe the movie but to demystify the meaning behind these three words.

There are lots of discussion groups, blogs, forums etc. on this topic but still no proper explanation of this phrase has been brought up. Some say that it is the way to reach God, to freely accept the invitation of JESUS to HIS HOME, to follow the path of heaven by looking into your own selves rather than searching around; to not allow the outer surroundings affect your soul. But what do three words actually signify in the pretext of the movie and beyond?

It rather has a more deep and intense meaning. It signifies that our soul should remain intact whatever the circumstances we live in, our way of thinking shall not change whatever we listen and the way we see and perceive things shall not change whatever we are made to witness.  This can be further explained that what we are is not because of the place we live in or say people around us; it is rather because of our soul and virtue. We should not let ourselves be the victim of the situation; instead we should be creator of the situation. These are the qualities which we have inherited from the GOD. Success, failure, life, death, money are the issues which came into existence much later. We never had the concept of money or say success in earlier times but still we had our soul, moral values at that point of time, which led to the creation of the world. We should not wrap ourselves in terms of the world; it should be the world which should wrap up as per our norms.

–┬áRam Kripal Singh, TIF