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The 10 Best Animated Films Of The Year 2016

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Top 5 Best Bollywood Movie Performances of 2016

Bollywood is as colorful and diverse as the country it represents. There have been several noteworthy movies in 2016 and some outstanding performances by stars. Here we list the Top 5 Best Bollywood Movie Performances of 2016.

Amitabh Bachchan in PINK

Confusing, serious, curious and questionable – the Big B drama of 2016 in Pink made audience gripping with excitement as to what this blunt and straight-forward movie had in store for them.

What worked for the audience: When 3 women who are harassed by a man are accused by that very man of a crime, an aged lawyer steps in to their rescue in Amitabh Bachchan. The movie works on many levels but to name a few aspects – 1) the script doesn’t hold back from controversial yet true remarks – it paints India the society that it is; it questions women’s right to freedom, not men’s. Bachchan’s performance along with the supporting cast sure packed a punch.

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Manoj Bajpai, Aligarh

Questioning the judgements of the society and the right to privacy and freedom, Aligarh is not your conventional Bollywood movie.

What worked for the audience : the Indian movie audience is not used to seeing movies on such strong subjects, presented with such finesse. In Bajpai, the movie finds honesty and dedicated acting that questions the paradox of a society that on one hand is a democracy and on another questions a man on his sexuality and violates his right to freedom. The performance of Bajpai and movie, both got praises for it’s non-commercial line of cinema.

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Akshay Kumar in Airlift

Cased on a true story, there’s only so little artistic freedom that you can take. The movie follows a businessman and his journey to evacuate Indians from Kuwait (during Sadam Hussein’s invasion).

What worked for the audience : Crisp writing, strong acting and a screenplay that keeps you at the edge of your seat – the movie has drama, suspense and a sense of compassion to humanity – and how people come together in crisis. Akshay Kumar yet again puts forward his case as an actor who has made a huge leap from a commercial – action hero to a serious dramatic actor. His portrayal has moments of pain, anguish, desperation and helplessness – the way these emotions are carried out make you feel equally vulnerable as an audience, as the character on screen.

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Sonam Kapoor, Neerja

Another biopic but hugely different from Airlift. Neerja is about Neerja Bhannot, a flight attendant who put her life at stake to protect people in Pan AM flight 73 in 1986 – hijacked by terrorists.

What worked for the audience : Blossoming from a girl-next-door image to play a strong braveheart whose sheer will power is a testimony to the power of a human being- the movie begins with Sonam Kapoor credited as herself but ends with her truly fitting into the character of Neerja.

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Shah Rukh Khan in and as Fan

It’s hard to even compare the movies that we’re used to seeing Shah Rukh Khan in, and how Fan is different from them – there’s no similarity. Fan is perhaps an ice-breaking movie in Shah Rukh’s career that has probably not seen the success it should’ve in the last 5-6 years – purely due to commercial choice of movies, which is fine but it may not necessarily always please audience; who can be very strict critics.

What worked for the audience : Playing 2 roles simultaneously, one of fan and other of this huge superstar from Bollywood – Khan does justice to both the roles, in fact he plays the Fan better than the superstar, which he actually is in real life. The audience noted the efforts of Shah Rukh and even though the movie wasn’t a major box –office success, it gave Shah Rukh the much needed critical acclaim.

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Top 10 Best Hollywood Movie Performances of 2016

There were many interesting performances in Hollywood movies in 2016. Some were great, some were legendary. According to us, these were the absolute best!

When actors and actresses portray a character on screen as brilliantly as these men and women did, we forget that they are anything but these characters in real life as well.

Casey Affleck, Manchester by the sea

Strongly character driven, emotional to the extent of making you vulnerable as an audience.

Manchester by the sea is about Lee Chandler, a janitor in Boston who has the obligation to take care of his nephew, who after his father’s death has no family around. It’s a raw tale of how a family comes together – it isn’t perfect, it isn’t ideal – but it’s what life throws at you. Affleck’s emotionally driven performance puts him in a strong position for his first Oscar in the category of best actor in a leading role.

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Joel Edgerton, Loving

Tough acting, true portrayal of love, challenge of being in an interracial relationship.

Story of Richard and Mildred, who fall in love but the challenge of being an interracial couple soon begins to unravel into a sequence of events that were unforeseen and this all leads up to a legal battle that goes up to the supreme court.”

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Ryan Gosling, La La Land

Charisma of Gosling, a classic with a modernistic touch, story of a pianist and an actress.

Playing a pianist, Gosling falls in love with an actress (Emma Stone), the movie is an ideal example of how classic musical can be turned into modernistic movie marvel.

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Tom Hanks, Sully

Emotionally driven portrayal, a strong-spirited pilot who saved many lives, the gruesome performance includes the wild accusation and investigation that questioned Sully’s heroics.

The real life hard-hitting tale of a pilot who fought death and saved all aboard on his plane, the events take a turn for wrong as an investigation is established that threatens to question his integrity and life-earned respect. Is he a savior or a cheater?

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Denzel Washington, Fences

A complicated fight of life and race in USA of 1950’s, Washington shines as an expressive father who is coming into terms with his lives events.

Story of a father who fight the complexities of racism against blacks in pre Martin Luther era of United States – Washington playing Troxy Maxson suddenly brings a baby into his home; a child he had through an affair.

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Ethan Hawke, Born to be blue

Destroying self with heroine, the movie moves you with this sad story of self-destruction, portrayed with incredible empathy from Hawke.

Actor plays legendary jazz tumpeter in biopic by director Robert Budreau. In late 1960’s, a jazz player (Ethan Hawke) falls in love with an actress- the movie surrounds his aspiring musical comeback and with it the self-destructive lifestyle of dependence of drugs.

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Julianne Moore, Maggie’s plan

Complication of extra-marital affair, Moore is at the end of seeing her husband falling in love with another women. This caustic performance leaves the audience in amazement with Moore as Georgette.

Georgette played by Moore has a husband that is having an affair with a woman named Maggie – the love affair soon results in complications and heartbreaks. Moore portrays a woman that is both willful to fight the odds and yet vulnerable with the situation that she faces.

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Colin Farrell, The Lobster

A portrayal of utter loneliness, Farrell keeps the performance in check and not overboard, the sad and shy portrayal channels you to see different shades of one character.

In a story of near future, single people are put in a hotel room and told to find a partner in 45 days or be sent into the woods. Farrell plays a man that is desperate, frustrated and lonely.

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Ellen DeGeneres, Finding Dory

Seriocomic that works with balance, DeGeneres gives weight to the life of Dory, the voice-art gives the movie emotion and awe.

Story of a fish that suffers severe memory loss and is yet determined to be brought together with her long missing parents; DeGeneres gives Dory a soul – on which begins the exploration of Dory to find love and family.

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Ralph Finness, A bigger splash

A rockstar on vacation with a film maker in Italy is soon turned into an unexpected and awkward visit of an old friend and his daughter.

Ralph Finness (Harry Hawkes) rekindles with an old friend in Tilda Swinton (Marianne Lane) but is it just friendship or more than that? Finness portrays a character like no other in his illustrious career, one that passion, loss and disaster awaiting.

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