Taher Shah has come out with his latest music video “Mankind Angel”, and within hours he was viral all over social media again.

Why you ask? Because he is freaking awesome! No one can actually match the quality of music, and infuse so much soul into one music video like Taher Shah.

All bow before the great Taher Shah.

Now before you read further, here is the acclaimed music video.

Now that we have established he is the greatest musician ever, just know that he is an internet messiah.

Taher Shah is trending worldwide at 4th position with 31.7k tweets

Everybody wants to know who the lady love was? She could feature in the next detergent powder commercial. #sowhite

The little angel that pops out of the love of blue angel (Taher Shah) and his white lady love has a magical superpower. – He can change hair color in the blink of an eye…

This fan agrees that Taher Shah’s Angel is indeed a message for mankind, albeit single.

Of course like every great artist, Taher Shah has had to bear some fair share of criticism.

Like this..

… and this

This guy who thinks porn is more socially acceptable.

But this guy applauds.. but wait, look at his twitter handle

Well, maybe Ranveer Singh will come out with another dubsmash and just save everyone.

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