If you are on a tight budget and want something completely worth your money, the Tiago is the best option right now. The pricing is so low that it nearly comes into competition with cars of a lower segment such as the Renault Kwid. There would be very few reasons why anyone would want to think otherwise. Here are some important things you must know before making your mind to buy Tata Tiago.

#1 It’s the first vehicle from Tata to feature the IMPACT design Philosophy

Being the first Vehicle from the Company to showcase the new IMPACT design philosophy, the Tiago was made and produced with high expectations from Tata Motors. It was evident from its aggressive pricing and the attention to details with the design.

#2 The tiago was a desperate attempt from Tata to revive their sales

This was a very important Car for Tata Motors because their previous models based on the HorizonNext Design, the Bolt and the Zest were failing in the market,

#3 Tata refused to have Tiago used for Commercial Purposes

The major problem with the Tata Zest and Bolt was that these cars were mostly used as Taxis rather than for normal family usage, for which they were actually made. It wasn’t something Tata wanted its consumer- oriented cars to become. In order to not have such a situation again, they planned to completely refuse its latest Hatchback for commercial usage.

#4 The Tiago was originally named as Zica

The Tata Tiago has a lot more history to it. Before its launch in April 2016, the Tiago was named ‘Zica’. It didn’t go really well with people as during that time, the deadly Zika Virus was rapidly spreading and it wouldn’t be appropriate to name an important vehicle after a deadly disease which has taken many lives.

#5 Tata had announced an Online Poll for the naming of this car

In order to look for another good name Tata went as far as announcing an Online Poll for the name of the Car. Then sometime later,

#6 It was finally named after Lionel Messi’s Son, Thiago

When new Hatchback finally got a name, what a perfect name it was. The Tiago was named after the Son of the World Famous Barcelona Attacker who also happens to be the Global Brand Ambassador of Tata Motors, Lionel Messi’s son Thiago.

#7 Tiago has successfully crossed over 1,00,000 bookings

With such an admirable history, the Tiago was expected to be a car which would revive Tata Motors from the failure of Nano and the models which came after it. And so it did, after over a year of launch, on 3rd July 2017, the Tiago successfully crossed over 1 lakh bookings.

#8 Tata has sold over 65000 models of Tiago until now

Between this period Tata also launched the AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) model of the Tiago which has been selling really well.

#9 It competes in the mid- range hatchback segment

Launched to compete in the mid-range hatchback segment, the Tiago was thrown into the pit with rivals like the Maruti Suzuki Celerio and the Hyundai Grand i10.

#10 It is currently the highest selling model of Tata Motors

With the rivals being from two of the most successful automobile companies in India, it would have been difficult for Tiago to survive, but it did and its sales figures till now are so good that currently, it’s the highest selling Model of Tata Motors

#11 It’s the cheapest in its segment

The Tiago is priced in the range of Rs. 3.3- 5.85 Lakhs (Ex- Showroom Delhi). Such an aggressive pricing makes it cheaper than its rivals in the segment, the Maruti Suzuki Celerio (Rs. 4.05- 5.25 Lakhs Ex- Showroom Delhi) and the Hyundai Grand i10 (Rs. 4.6- 7.34 Lakhs Ex- Showroom Delhi).

#12 The power of Tiago’s engine is the highest in the segment

Tata Tiago has a power output of 84 bhp, which is the best in its class, however, its torque is lower than that of the Grand i10.

#13 The design

While this judgment could be very subjective, there’s no denying the fact that Tata has heavily focused on making the Tiago look good, and completely different from its previous hatchbacks. The result is a design that screams for attention on the road.

#14 Harman Entertainment System

If you are someone who loves to listen to music while driving, the Harman Audio system in Tiago would please your ears. The Audio system is undoubtedly the best in this segment with the presence of 8 speakers inside the car.

#15 Interior

The interior of the Tiago is another thing in the car to marvel at. The attention-to-detail in the dashboard is really noticeable. The fine details- the glossy black edges of the central console and the color dash at the side air-con vents add a great touch to the interior. The all- black interior color- scheme definitely adds a modern feel to the design and makes consider this vehicle to be a segment higher than it actually is.

#16 Features and Specifications

There are many buyers for whom the features of the car matter than anything else. If you are one of those, then you’d probably want to spend your money on the top-end XZ trim which, apart from the standard features, also offers two airbags, a rear parking sensor and ABS with EBD as standard. In the Top- end models, features like driver seat height adjustment are really useful, and then the other common features like Tilt- adjustable steering, Power windows on all doors, Aux- in connectivity and USB connectivity can really come in handy. Apart from that, the Bluetooth also offers integration with Smartphones, using which you can get navigation directions from the central console screen on the dashboard itself.

#17 The Juke App

Another unique feature of the Tiago is the compatibility of this car with the Juke Android app, through which up to 10 people can create a common hotspot and play any music they like inside the car through sharing.

#18 Navigation through central console display

The Tiago also provides Smartphone integration with the Car bluetooth, which allows the driver to see navigation directions from the central console display of the car.

Bonus: The price of Tiago’s top-end variant is actually the mid- range price of it’s competitor- the Hyundai Grand i10

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