Teacher’s Day Card Ideas, well those are really tough to select because these cards are for your respective teacher. You can sure make these creative greeting cards for teacher’s day at home with simple objects too. The only thing that you have to do is to learn how to make handmade greeting card for teacher’s day. The step by step method of making a greeting cards are mentioned over for your convenience. You also have an option to simply get a printable greeting card from any of the relevant sources and decorate it accordingly if you are not on the artistic side.

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Teacher’s day! The day when you get a chance to honor that person in your life who made you into what you are today. Going to school or college, is just incomplete without a teacher. Teachers are those candles that show us the path of success and without whom our life is just like a tree without a leaf. The teachers day cards are always given to teachers to let them know how much important they are actually in our life. Making them at home is icing on the cake because of the fact that your handmade cards lends a personal touch to the gift always. The greeting cards for teacher’s day need not be very complicated, you can choose the easy handmade cards too.

Here is a list of the teachers day greeting cards ideas that are easy to make at home.

Thank You Cards

easy handmade cards for teachers day

You should definitely thank your teacher for bearing your mischief in the class and still thriving to make you a more nobler human being. You can either make a simple thank you card for her or the one with the stars. The above thank you card is very easy to make.

Things Required : Poster Colors, Brushes, Cartridge Sheet, Stick on Stars and Permanent Marker

Steps To Make The Card 

  • Fold the cartridge sheet into a shape of a rectangular card.
  • Choose the required colors and mix some fevicol into them.
  • Now, paint one by one to achieve the desired color.
  • After, it is dried, paste the stars on the card.
  • Write your message with the permanent marker.

Coffee Cup Card

how to make handmade teachers day card at home

Your teacher sure needs a cup of coffee or tea every now and then because they put in so much efforts. This card can also be given to a teacher who you know loves drinking coffee.

Things Required : Purple Sheet, Yellow or any sheet of your choice, Fevicol, Scissors and Sketch Pens

Steps To Make The Card 

  • Cut out the sheet of your choice into the shape of a coffee mug.
  • Also, cut out the yellow sheet and green sheet in the shape of flowers and leaves.
  • Now, paste a white sheet in the center and write on that with the help of a sketch pen.
  • Paste a thick sheet under the mug to give it a support.

Feather Card

ideas for handmade cards for teachers day

The feather card can be given to the teacher who has always been lenient towards you. The feather card is very easy to make as well. You just need to curate a few things in order to make them and tadaa you are done.

Things Required : Cartridge Sheet, Handmade Sheet, 3-D Alphabets, Artificial Feathers and Fevicol

Steps To Make The Card 

  • Fold the sheet into the required shape.
  • Now, paste the handmade sheet over it.
  • Use the 3-D Alphabets and paste them on the card accordingly to your wish.
  • Now, paste the feather on the main page of the card.

Crayon Card

how to make easy handmade teachers day card

The card is perfect for an art teacher or the one who loves colors. This card can also be made with real colors to create a 3-D effect. You can head on below to know the steps to make the card.

Things Required : White Sheet, Crayons, Glitter Tape, Fevi-Quick and Sketch Pens

Steps To Make The Card 

  • Fold the sheet to create the card.
  • Now, color the either side of the sheet and paste on that white paper that has the message written on it.
  • Now, either draw the colors or paste the real mini ones in symmetry with fevi-quick or any sticking agent that has the capacity to hold them.

Heart Card

teachers day handmade cards at home

You can give this card to the teacher who is the sweetest of all. The card is perfect for a teacher who has been your favorite since ages. The heart card is very special in all terms. Learn how to make from here.

Things Required : Glitter Card, Handmade Sheet, Colorful Sheet, Fevicol, Scissors, Decorative Tapes and Sketch-pens

Steps To Make The Card 

  • Take the measurement of the sheet and cut it out into the shape of a fold able card.
  • Now, take the glitter sheet and cut out the shape of a heart.
  • Paste the heart in the center and the tapes above and below on the card.
  • The message can be written inside the card.

Hand Print Card

handmade greeting cards for teachers day how to make

The hand print card has a personal kind of touch to it. The card can be made in a jiffy and if you are getting late with the card making, this might be your best bet.

Things Required : Poster Colors, Color Mixing Pallets, Sketch Pens, Cartridge Sheet etc.

Steps To Make The Card 

  • Pour the color and water in the mixing plate.
  • After, you receive the desired color, dip your palm into it and let it be there till drenched in color.
  • Now, make the impression on the sheet and let it dry.
  • When, it has dried, write your message on the card.

Betel Card


This cute card will instantly bring a smile on your teacher’s face. Making the card will require some time and effort but all that is worth the wait.

Things Required : Fake eyes, Black and Red Glaze Paper, Sketch Pens, Scissor and Fevicol

Steps To Make The Card 

  • Take the black sheet and on it paste the glaze paper of the same color.
  • Now, cut out two more round shapes and paste them as ears.
  • Cut out mini glaze papers and paste them on the ears to get the effect.
  • Now, paste white sheet and write the message on it.

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