Teacher’s Day Speech by students in English is something that everyone needs an idea for on the occasion of teacher’s day. If you are a teacher, you will be asked to present a speech in your school on the 5th of September. If you are a student, it is advisable for you to keep the speech decent and minimal and welcome the teachers in a very respective way. The importance of teacher’s day speech is very high because the words are powerful in changing the mindset of a person.

If your Speech For Teacher’s Day, be it in English or Hindi is heart touching enough then it is going to surely make an impact on everyone’s heart listening to it. According to us, these kind of Teacher’s Day Speeches need to be very good because today’s generation believes that Teacher’s day is just another occasion for them. You must have also heard about the fact words are powerful than swords. Hence, we should use them very wisely.

teacher's day speech in english

Teacher’s Day Speech competitions are also organised in some schools between students of different classes or houses. One tip of nailing the Teacher’s Day speech competition is to learn the speech by heart because if you are going to read it from a paper, it wont lend that  feel to the wordings. Also, using difficult wordings will make it tough for you to learn it for the competition as well. However, if you are reading the teacher’s day speech as a welcoming speech for your mentors, then a tip for you is to keep the speech subtle and quick.

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Happy Teachers Day Speech From Students 

Good morning my respective teachers and my dear friends. I hope you all are doing great this morning after all its teacher’s day today and watching every classmate of mine dressed as their favorite teacher gives this assembly hall a very colorful atmosphere as well as some relaxation to our teachers, who so deserve to rest today. Keeping the jokes apart, today we all have gathered here to honor our highly appreciable teachers. Well, they are truly the building blocks of the society isn’t it? They are the ones who teach us how to really live our life. They transform us into better citizens of society.

teachers day speech in English from students

Does, anyone here remember their first day at school? Some of us might do and some of us might not. Well, that was the day we left our moms who are our first teachers and came to a world completely unknown to us. We were introduced with our second mothers who were our teachers. Years have gone by, teachers changed but the devotion did not. Our teachers have always been on our side. They do get a little strict sometimes but that is very important.

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Teacher’s are those entities without whom the society would lose its path. So how many of you know the real significance of Teacher’s Day. Well, it is celebrated to pay tribute to all the teachers of the world. Our second president Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on whose birthday, teacher’s day is celebrated also believed that teachers are very significant part o the society because they are the ones who mould us into noble citizens. The Teacher’s Day is not just an holiday my dear friends, it is a day when we all should come together to glorify their righteous decision of becoming our teachers.

Today, we thank you from the core of our hearts and also promise you that we will sure take legacy of nobility forwards. Thank you everyone and wish you a very Happy Teacher’s Day.

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