Even the name of this day sounds so cute! The teddy bear day falls on Sunday, 10th February 2019 and is the fourth day of the Valentine Week. I would like to share a very cute story with you. One of my friends used to give his girlfriend a very cute teddy every Valentine with a same lovely quote exclusively for her and that is “ Wanna say on Teddy bear day, teddies are cute, old or new but nothing is as sweet and as lovely as you.” Now, how amazing is that for a girl.

Happy Teddy Day

This is one smart thing that you can do on Teddy day! Obviously, you are going to give your better half a cute little teddy bear but giving it with a quote is certainly going to make her smile. Here are some really good teddy bear day messages for friends, girlfriend, and boyfriend.

Teddy Bear Day Quotes

Teddies are the cutest way of expressing your love, Happy teddy bear day.

The soft cuddly teddy is there to show that I will always be there and that you should know.

When everyone has let you down, there is always a ted! Happy Teddy day.

Even if the sun refused to shine, even if romance ran out of rhyme, you would still have my heart until the end of time, You are all I need. Happy Teddy day.

By gifting this teddy, I wanna show you that I am ready to make you mine and fill my life with sunshine.

To my cutest cuddly wife, who is certainly my life, This teddy bear is a sign that you will be forever mine.

A sweet Teddy Bear, To My sweet mate, On A sweet event, Just To Say, Happy Teddy Bear Day

You’re in my thoughts and in my heart, wherever I may go, on teddy bear day I’d like to say, I care more than you know.

A teddy bear is a childhood, wrapped up in faded, yellow fur.


Teddy bear day is a day of love, it’s a day when you find your true love, a day of hearts and yummy candies, a day when Cupid hits you with a love arrow, a day when you find your teddy bear, will you be mine.

Without A Bear, A Bedroom Without A Teddy, Is Like A Face Without A Smile, Happy Teddy Day.

You are in my thoughts and in my heart wherever I may go, On Teddy Bear day I’d like to say, I care more than you know.

What is the significance of gifting a teddy bear on the Teddy Bear day?

Teddy bears are given to the people we love for strong sentimental reasons. We have had teddy bears and stuffed animals since childhood and that is because we are all attached to them from the core of our hearts.

Tip: Almost all girls are crazy about pink teddy bears, so you can always gift her a plush teddy bear in any variation of the pink color. You can also explore other options like white, blue and custom-made teddy bears.

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