Teenage Halloween Costumes are always cute to look at, be it for a boy or a girl. The main question that goes around a person’s mind during the whole month of October is what should I be for Halloween. The Halloween Costumes 2018 for 13 year old should be appropriate enough and also should not make the person uncomfortable. The excitement of Halloween is that girls are gaga over twinning with their best friends at the Halloween party. They look for the costume that compliments each other in every possible way. Well, when you are tween, you are bound to be extremely excited about the Halloween Party that you are going to. Hence, let us help you out with Halloween Costumes now.

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Halloween Costumes are one of the most important things that a person looks for during the festival. Teenage is a time when you are confused about what to choose. Everything is haywire from your clothes to life, but it is one of best phases of the life too.

Want to be part of the trends, cool then check out these Halloween Costumes that are in trend in 2018.

Cute Halloween Costumes include the Unicorn costume and the Pokemon Go ones. The Halloween is festival that people of every generation celebrate. Halloween festival actually brings along happiness for teens as well as for the adults. Just like adults are confused about about to what wear for the Halloween Party, same goes for the teens. Check out some Halloween Costumes for Adults from here.

Teenage Halloween Costumes Ideas 2018

1Mayhem Hatter Costume

halloween costumes for teenagers

The Mayhem Hatter costume is perfect for teenage girls out there as the package comprises of high low skirt which is pink in color and cute in all senses. The costume consists is made out of 100% Polyester and should be hand washed. You can buy it from Amazon for between $33.29 and $39.99.

2Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

tween boy halloween costumes

Fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Well, then become one for the Halloween Costume Party. The package consists of shoe covers, half mask and shell for achieving the look. You can buy it from Amazon for $18.99.

3Sweet Raccoon Teen Costume

halloween costumes for teenage girls best friends

Want to dress up as the cutest person decked up in the party, well then choose this one with your eyes closed. The costume is full of fur and velvet which will make you feel comfortable. The package consists of velvet dress, hood, eye mask and stockings. You can buy it from Amazon for $31.81.

4Harley Quinn Costume

halloween costume ideas teenage pintrest

Harley Quinn always dresses up like someone who is sexy but the dress can also be transformed into a comfortable one for your teenage girl. You can buy the colorful jacket from Amazon for $27.75. 

5Teen Pirate Maiden Costume

halloween costumes for girls best friends

The corset style beautiful dress is the best bet for you if you want to be something related to the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. The dress is made up of 100% Polyester and perfect for a teenage girl. You can buy it from Amazon for $32.46.

6Heroine Hua Mullan Dress

halloween costumes for teenage diy for kids

This dress is super beautiful be it the color or the looks. It is not spooky or comfortable at all, but will surely make you look like you are one of the princesses. You can buy it from Amazon for $35.95.

7Pikachu Onesie Dress

halloween celebration for girls 13 year old

So, who is a Pokemon fan over here. Probably everyone who is a 90’s kid here. Become your favorite Pokemon and surprise everyone with your cute tricks. You can buy your favorite Pokemon dress from anywhere between $26.99 to $42.99 from Amazon.

8Teen Beach Musical Lela Costume


The Teen Beach Musical’s fashion has been in trend since the movie released. All the teenager girls were actually gaga over it in all senses. Be a fashionista and get into the role play wearing this one. You can buy it from Amazon for $34.55. 

9Mischief Monster Dress Costume

halloween costumes for teenage girls best friends

If you have a flare for being the the uniquely dressed person in the party then go for this monster dress costume. It is pink in color and has fur and pom poms all over. You can buy it from anywhere between $17.30 and $70.09 from Amazon.

10Midnight Vampire Costume

halloween costumes for teenage best friends

Inspired by the Twilight Saga? Go for the Midnight Costume that will amplify the look of your dress in the Halloween Costume Party. The blue and black dress is pretty enough to make everyone gaga about you in the party. You can buy the dress from Amazon for $39.99.

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