The most anticipated new car of this year, the New Tesla Model 3, is finally here. After years of hype and rumors, Tesla has revealed the entry-level Tesla Model 3 on 31 Mar 2016.

Tesla Model 3 Specifications

Talking about major Tesla Model 3 Specs, the slowest base model will go from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than six seconds and the minimum electric range of the lineup will be “at least” 215 miles, but is expected to do much better than that.

I think it’s a really strong design. Tesla has established a pretty crisp and coherent design vocabulary with the Model S and Model X, and the Model 3 is a pretty clear development of those basic ideas.

All Model 3 trims will come stock with available autopilot safety features.

The Model 3 sits five adults “comfortably,” with the interior space maximized by being able to push the dashboard and “firewall” as far forward as possible. But even better, the rear roof portion is one enormous piece of glass, providing a clear sky view.

The car comes with the standard front and rear trunk spaces. Its incredibly safe and should receive a five star rating in every testing category.

Tesla Model 3 Price

The car will start as promised at $35,000.

Up until now Tesla has been a relatively small player, one that catered to the luxury market but never in the same volumes as established players. Can Tesla keep up with the the expectations that are clearly there for this car?

Tesla Model 3 Release Date

Tesla should begin deliveries of Model 3 late next year (2017). So far Tesla already has at least 130,000 reservations for the Model 3 according to a giant counter they have displayed at the event.

It’s hard to understate the importance of this car to Tesla. In fact, an “affordable” electric car has been Elon Musk’s stated goal from the get-go, stretching back to as far as 2006.

Tesla Model 3 Pictures

Tesla Mode 3 Waiting List

Tesla Model 3 Booking

A lot of people have already reserved their car. In the 24 hours since Tesla opened its site for the Model 3, the company received 115,000 preorders.

It can be booked online from

For those who reserved a Model 3, never fear: Musk is confident that the company will begin shipping the cars next year.

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