Is Test Cricket Really Dying?: A Young Man’s Opinion On Why He Thinks Test Cricket Stands A Chance

A very hot topic these days in the world of cricket is the approaching end of test cricket era. This has been in the limelight especially in India since the past several months. The so called Gentleman’s Game is losing its virtue over the years, but is it actually true? Let’s find out.

My opinion is that Test Cricket in India stands a chance, given the following five factors are taken care of wisely.

Venue creates an impact

Organizing a Test match successfully depends a lot on the venue. I think venue plays a more critical role than anything else.

Case in point:- The current match being played between India and New Zealand at Indore is the prime example. Nearly 80 percent of the stadium was occupied on Sunday and the attendance wasn’t too short the next day besides being a working day.

Opinion:- Introducing new venues for the Test matches have proved successful in the past. Cricket association is able to attract more visitors by holding test matches in cities where a favorable number of cricket fans can attend.

Test for Test Cricket:- Five more new venues for tests awaits the crowds in upcoming series with England, Australia and a one-off match with Bangladesh.

Public Entertainment

Test cricket is the best cricket to watch if the spectator approaches the ground for a player-specific performance.

Such as:- Enjoying batting of a star batsman, especially in home conditions or a magical spell from Ashwin on a spinner friendly track can only be expected in India rather than anywhere else. People enjoyed watching Kohli’s maiden double ton in West Indies, but this one was a special one and people realised it very well at Indore. The amount of energy and electrifying crowd from Day 1 at Indore reminded many of a World Cup final.

Day-Night match concept – Not a bad idea

Promoting Test cricket has obviously become necessary for BCCI. What could be a better way to do this than by introducing the concept of Day-Night Test matches?

Visualize this:- Cricketers draped in white coloured attire under the floodlights, and the pink shiny ball; this should be the perfect combination to attract crowds!

Past success:- A large number of people in Kolkata turned up for the CAB Super League final.

One day-night test was proposed between India and New Zealand too, but it could not be held due to some reasons.

Players to watch out for

Undoubtedly India has some very talented and quality players in their test side. We can see them perform with a certain brilliance only in the test cricket format. I am sure that many fans will come just to watch them up their personal game, their technique and balance.

Case in point:- Murali Vijay and Cheteshwar Pujara are the biggest names among that list. Virat Kohli and Rahane are also some of the most professional players in the world.

These kind of players have made a prominent name for themselves, especially after the retirement of Laxman, Dravid, Ganguly and Tendulkar. Somewhere, people still find the perfect balance of Dravid and Laxman in Rahane and Pujara, not to forget the new king of cricket- Virat Kohli who is continuing India’s old legacy of Sachin Tendulkar.

Career option

Test cricket holds a dependable growth in future for the players playing it.

Cricket – the sport – will develop through test format:- This is because it is the grass-root level, where your game actually develops. Technique, temperament, balance, adaptability and fitness level develops while playing with the red ball.

Moreover, it cannot die as there still exist many players who just play this format and their career maybe has no other alternate option.

The numbers game:- The BCCI recently has also doubled the salary of the Indian Test players with effect from the current New Zealand series. All these things contribute towards the strengthening of the Test format and promises for its long survival.

What do you say mate? Does Test Cricket stand a chance?

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