A letter to my Hindi teacher ~ Ginni

Thank You Sir, You’re The Best! ~ Anurag

You Motivated Us, You Taught Us, and You Made Our Lives Easier ~ Jyoti

Thank You For Being Strict, So I Evolved Into My Best Version… ~ Archna

Thank you mom, for being my first and most favorite teacher! ~ Kashika

A letter to all teachers out there; Thank you for your patience and compassion ~ Vikash

Heartfelt Wishes From a Grateful Student ~ Preeti

Thank you for teaching us to stay strong and keep fighting ~ Akshay

A letter to thank my teacher, Ram Vilash Dada ~ Nikhil

Thanking the 3 teachers in my life ~ Akansha

A Letter To My Teacher Whom I Did Not Get To Say Goodbye ~ Ifrah

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