How do Families Celebrate Thanksgiving- The Thanksgiving Traditions around the United States include baking Traditional Food like Mashed Potatoes, Smoky Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Casserole, Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Pie. Well, the Old Thanksgiving Traditions have now given way to changing Thanksgiving Games, Thankfulness Rituals and these traditions are not about food anymore. Scroll below to know How do Families Celebrate Thanksgiving 2019 and all the relevant information about what does the holiday of Thanksgiving commemorate. A blend of old Thanksgiving traditions along with a new one will prove to be an icing on the cake for sure.

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Thanksgiving Traditions

Festivals are always incomplete without the rituals and traditions and so is Thanksgiving. Whenever someone talks about Thanksgiving, the first things that comes to our mind is Thanksgiving Food then comes the Thanksgiving decorations but the most integral part of the festival is coming together of families. If you too are planning to host a full fledged Thanksgiving traditional dinner then scroll down below to know How do Families Celebrate Thanksgiving 2019.

Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

Old Thanksgiving Traditions

Old is Gold they say! All the festivals remain incomplete without the touch of ancestral blessings, so old Thanksgiving traditions should always and always be a part of the Thanksgiving legacy. Some of the old Thanksgiving rituals have been listed below.

Retelling the Plymouth Story

thanksgiving traditions old
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It is very important for the kids to know the history of the festival and that is why these stories are retold.The origins of the Thanksgiving dates back to the year 1621 because that is when the festival was first celebrated. It is believed that pilgrims and native Americans came together to attend a feast to thank god and celebrate the successful harvest. Know entire history of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Traditional Games : Breaking Wishbones

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The wishbone tradition is an ancient way of predicting future of people. The process includes 2 people holding a wishbone and making a wish. Whoever, receives the longer bone part is believed to have good fortune. If the bone breaks in 2 equal parts then both are considered lucky.

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Hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner

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The Traditional Thanksgiving Food and Dinner is actually the most pivotal part of the festival’s traditions. The decorations include Thanksgiving center pieces, place mats and vintage antiques that commemorate the festival.

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Thanksgiving Traditions Around the World

The festival of the Thanksgiving is not only celebrated in the United States of America but also in other parts of the world. People have different sorts of traditions in relation to Thanksgiving thus. Check out the below list to know about the Thanksgiving Traditions Around the World.

Thanksgiving Greeting Card

thanksgiving traditions old

Greeting Cards have always been a great way to wish someone. It is believed that people make handmade Thanksgiving themed cards and invitations for their loved ones to wish them a very happy and prosperous festival.

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Erntedankfest in Germany

thanksgiving traditions around the world

The Erntedankfest simply means ” festival of thanks for the harvest”. This event is considered just alike Thanksgiving as it also aims to bring families together and thank the lord for his gratefulness and food.

Wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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