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The quest to invest in the next unicorn hasn’t stopped, and one renowned cryptocurrency expert has given us five names to consider if we’re tempted to gamble our savings in cryptocurrencies.

Over the past five years, we’ve read and heard that the next cryptocurrency to explode is just around the corner. That by investing 100 dollars, you can get rich. And that betting on money created on the basis of blockchain is the future.

And the reality is that many people have made money over the years. Some have even become millionaires. But it’s also true that it’s getting harder and harder and the profit margins are lower because nothing explodes anymore.

However, there is hope, at least according to Rudá Pellini, co-founder of Wise&Trust and author of the bestseller The Future of Money. This expert has given us five names to follow closely if you want to earn some euros.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the currencies he advises you to have on hand, as their growth is a matter of hours:

SOL, from blockchain Solana: One of the few that didn’t fall on the dark day when El Salvador made the announcement of the introduction of Bitcoin as a legal currency. According to the expert, it could increase up to 469% and reach 761 euros. It is currently 130 euros.

Avalanche: Its token is AVAX and is another possible rival to Ethereum. It is currently worth 44.46 euros after losing 11.2% since September 12 and all indications are that it will soon start rising again.

Synthetix Network Token (SNX): this cryptocurrency allows for the trading of synthetic assets and could grow by 158%, bringing it to 29.60 euros when it is currently at 11.39 euros.

Curve: This is the token of the decentralized exchange Curve Finance and could double its value, which currently stands at 2.43 euros.

Matic: It is at € 1.12 after several days of decline, so the expert encourages to invest in it because it is ready to reverse its trend and, so far, it seems to be right.

These five coins, which, as you may have noticed, are not the most famous ones, are the ones chosen by Rudá Pellini to be the next possible unicorns, so if you were looking for new coins, they might interest you.

But, as we always say, betting money on cryptocurrencies is not safe, no one can guarantee a profit and it can end up in the black. However, it is said that if you don’t take a risk, you don’t win.

Cryptocurrency is also winning the online casinos!

If you want to pursue the idea of making money with cryptocurrency, there is another way than investing in virtual currency currencies. Indeed if you are a cryptocurrency holder, you have the opportunity to make your money grow through online casino games. And these are becoming more and more popular on the web.

Online casinos that accept the virtual currency offer a great deal of flexibility to their players. Indeed, they give the opportunity to withdraw their winnings in cryptocurrency. Just like all other online casino players, you too will have the opportunity to benefit from all the bonuses you are entitled to.

If you are still skeptical about the security of payments and transactions in connection with these online casinos offering cryptocurrency, check that they guarantee to obtain the official license awarded by the authorities of Curacao. This is a significant guarantee of reliability and trust.

Another advantage of size is also born with the cryptocurrency; the delay of withdrawal. Indeed this one is almost immediate from the moment the player wants to withdraw his gain. While you have to wait a few days if you want to make your withdrawal in the form of a transfer. Finally, if the disadvantage of the lack of traceability often resurfaces when we talk about virtual currency, some online casinos may ask you at the time of withdrawal information on your identity for security reasons.

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