17 year old, Bella Thorne, The DUFF star spilled the beans about her personal and professional life. This talented, busy actress is filming one project after another after the success of The DUFF in US BO. In the past couple of months Bella has been linked to so many guys but they all turned out as Bella’s friends.

She said, “It’s so hard. When I go out with someone, it doesn’t mean I’m dating them. I’m probably friends with them. People go to dinner to talk about movies. I was just at dinner last night with a director to talk about a movie, people do that.”

Recent reports do confirm though that Bella is taken. She confirmed, she’s “dating.” So, who is the lucky guy? No cookies for guessing. The guy she’s posting Instagram pics of, Gregg Sulkin. Though she didn’t confirm the name, she said, “It’s pretty obvious.”Sulkin has been posting cute pics of him and Thorne too.

She starred in one of the most hilarious movies of 2015, The DUFF as a parallel lead, which Thorne said that she has had “so much fun” filming.

She also has a ton of movies in the works! Plus, she’s appearing in the upcoming MTV TV show Scream at the end of June in the US.

What can we expect from this TV remake? Thorne gave some inside scoop on her character. “My character’s name is Nina,” she explained. “She’s a very very mean girl, and she gets what’s coming to her!” Dang. In The DUFF also he plays the role of Madison, a mean high school bully. “I heard The DUFF is releasing in India on 12th June, now that should be interesting”, Bella signed off.

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