The more information technology develops, the easier various processes and systems become. Education is no exception. Recently, distance education has become more and more popular. The Coronavirus pandemic in 2019 has given a boost to the development of this field even more. Together with the experts from paper writing service, we have discussed and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of remote education and are ready to share our conclusions with you. Also Read: Top 4 mistakes in writing a university assignment

Advantages of Distance Learning

2020 is the heyday of online learning. Many universities tried this format for the first time, and it turned out to be just as good as the traditional one. Let’s talk about its pros and cons.

We will start with the advantages since there are more of them than the disadvantages:

  • Accessibility. Distance learning allows you to study anywhere with Internet access. In addition, you can study at foreign universities while in your home country, which is a significant cost-saver on living in another country. You listen to lectures either in a recording or online (webinars);
  • Flexibility. You make your own studying schedule because you master most of the program on your own. The advantage is that you can combine study with work, start earlier and finish later;
  • Reduction of time and expenses. In comparison, online learning is almost always cheaper than face-to-face learning. You save the university money for renting premises, paying for electricity, operating equipment, and the work of various secondary staff (except teachers). If you are on a distance learning course, you don’t need to use public transportation;
  • Precise knowledge. You won’t have unnecessary subjects. Only what you really signed up for. If it’s programming, then it’s only programming;
  • Connection to reality. Distance learning is built on the connection with reality, actual events and phenomena, examples from life. Therefore, the acquired knowledge can always be applied in practice;
  • Feedback. The most valuable thing in distance education is constant feedback from the teacher. That is how you understand what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. The teacher is always in touch, will advise and guide in a difficult situation;
  • Technology. Information technologies are used in the learning process, which guarantees high results;
  • Social equality. All applicants for a place in the university are equal, no matter what their income level, physical abilities, skin color, or gender;
  • Creativity. Online learning opens up opportunities to be creative in any task and express yourself without cheating or using widespread homework hacks.

Disadvantages of Distance Learning

  • Strong motivation is required. Students study on their own. This requires developed willpower, responsibility, and self-control. Not everyone can maintain the right pace of learning without control;
  • Difficulties with practice. In fact, distance learning does not always provide an opportunity to practice the acquired knowledge. This applies to such areas as surgery, piloting, etc. Perhaps in the future, this feature will be available online as well;
  • Minimum of personal communication. Live communication in the learning process is essential. It is interaction with professors, fellow students in an informal setting;
  • Lack of a broad academic background. What was a benefit can become a drawback. Studying only your subject is good, but it is important to navigate some universal basics as well;
  • Unforeseen circumstances. They include breakdowns in electricity, Internet, etc.;
  • Lack of supervision. Even good students sometimes need supervision. It is not to torture or evaluate, but to understand the level of assimilation of knowledge and skills;
  • Lack of forms of knowledge expression. Most often, there is testing or written assignments online. Oral responses are not as common yet;
  • Weak student identification. It is problematic to track assignments, tests, and exams online and remotely.

No matter how many advantages and disadvantages distance learning has, it is the only thing you should deal with — laziness. In most cases, it prevents you from studying and achieving results. If you get rid of laziness, you will get the effect of distance learning at the university, college, online courses, etc. You just have to review your attitude to studying and understand that it’s necessary for you, not somebody else. If it’s hard for you to concentrate on something and force yourself to study, you have to ask yourself one simple question “Who am I doing this for?”

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