Europe is a country that has some amazing volleyball competitions. Right now 1xBet offers a great mobile software, and you can download the application here and start using it for wagering on them. One of the most respected ones is the Men’s European Volleyball Championship. This tournament has been played continuously since 1948, and multiple great teams and players have emerged from it.

The competition also has a fascinating story. For most of its history it was dominated by teams from Eastern Europe. However, later during its existence some squads from the rest of the continent began to be serious contenders. At this moment you can download the 1xBet application here, and use it to wager on this tournament.

Eastern European domination

The history of the Men’s European Volleyball Championship can be separated into two broad periods. The first of them spanned between 1948 and 1987. This was the moment when it was completely dominated by national teams from Eastern Europe. If you sign up to 1xBet you can get the latest online betting odds for your favorite sports, including, of course, volleyball.

The 15 editions of the tournament celebrated during that period were won by squads from that part of the world. The winners were:

  • the Soviet Union, who won it 11 times;
  • Czechoslovakia, who won the tournament three times;
  • and Romania, which won the competition once in 1963.

The best place to get the latest online betting odds for all your favorite sports is 1xBet, and they are also great when wagering on major volleyball competitions. Other Eastern European countries also had great participation, despite never winning the competition. Examples include Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Yugoslavia.

Italy enters the game

The second broad period in the history of the Men’s European Volleyball Championship began in 1989. This was the first edition of the tournament ever won by Italy. You can watch volleyball online, live and free through 1xBet, which has all matches of the Italian national side. From that period, and thanks to players like Andrea Gardini, Lorenzo Bernardi and Paolo Tifoli, the Italians began an incredible series of titles. This can also be attributed to the outstanding job made by coach Julio Velasco.

Between 1989 and 2021, a total of 17 editions of the competition were celebrated. Italy won seven of them. While the Italians began having a title drought in 2005, in 2021 they managed to lift the cup of the Men’s European Volleyball Championship once again. At 1xBet online it is possible to watch live volleyball online and free, and plenty of teams can be followed through the platform.

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