Somewhere in the midst of the IPL 2016, all of us are super excited to witness the second innings of not any batsman but our very own comedy star, Kapil aka Bittoo Sharma.

For those who were on a Moon trip, ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is going to air on Sony channel on 23rd April.

While you are expecting the great return of this man, the former host channel Colors seems not so happy with that.

Colors had already burdened Kapil Sharma with a lot of restrictions for his new show like the use of the phrase ‘Babaji ka thullu’ which became virally popular.

Recently, Colors has played another wicked card against Kapil and his new show.

Let me cut the chase

Colors has decided to showcase the biggest blockbuster of the year, Bajirao Mastani, on the same day and the same time i.e. 23 Apr, 09:00 PM.

This will be the World Television Premier of Bajirao Mastani. No doubt those thousands of people who missed the blockbuster in theatres were waiting for the TV premier.

On the other hand, the very first episode of the Kapil Sharma Show will be featuring the King Khan.

We have already seen Kapil and Shah Rukh pulling the best ever punches and jokes. No wonder the first episode will be epic.

Also, Kapil and his producers are running promotions in every nook and corner to elevate the return of the most watched comedy TV show of all times.

Check out the episode promos at SET India Youtube Channel.

So people, whether you are a Kapil Sharma fan or not, you are also invited to the battleground on your TV screens on 23 April. Let’s see who wins.

Quick Question: What will you be watching this Saturday? Bajirao Mastani on Colors or The Kapil Sharma Show on Sony?

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