As the release date of Christopher Nolan’s latest release, Dunkirk Movie 2017 is getting near, news reports and reviews are adding to the excitement of the fans. The reason for excitement is obvious, it’s a Christopher Nolan movie, and nobody expects an average level movie from the renowned director. For some (especially women), Harry Styles might be the reason why they even care to see a movie like Dunkirk.

This movie is not just any other movie based on war. This movie would heavily show the events and stories from the Dunkirk Evacuation that happened during the Second World War. This movie would showcase a real story about a battle for survival and a miracle that ensued at a time when the British, Welch, Belgian and Canadian troops were completely cut-off from their allies and support, and had only two options, either perish while fighting the German army, or try to evade troubled waters and survive, they chose the latter option and miraculously succeeded in their objective albeit with a loss of many lives.

The Dunkirk Evacuation took place in the year 1940 when the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) was sent to defend France against Germany, but little did they know that the German Army would easily overpower them. As it happened, The BEF, the surviving units of Belgian and French armies were trapped by the Germans on a beach near the northern coast of France. Under the mounting pressure from the opposition and the fear of death, the Commander of the BEF, The 6th Viscount Gort- John Vereker decided to evacuate the army out of the trap and move across the channel from Dunkirk.

This wasn’t so easy as it is said though. The evacuation could never have been made possible without a course of events which gave the BEF and the other allied armies a chance for survival. Before the plans for evacuation were organized. The German army’s advance towards the Dunkirk port, where the BEF, the French and the Belgian armies were trapped was ongoing. However, their pursuit was halted under the order of Adolf Hitler under the fear of an allied breakout. This pause in the events gave the Allies enough time to implement their plans for evacuation and building up a line of defense. But then the worst happened. After Hitler halted the armored military’s approach, he allowed the German Air Force- Luftwaffe to attack and prevent the evacuation efforts of the Opposition.

The efforts of Germans, however, still went in vain as the English troops and their allies were able to successfully escape from Dunkirk. Nearly 3,38,226 people were successfully evacuated in the midst of over 1,00,000 total casualties among the units of the British and the French armies, many of them were also captured by the German Army.

Well, if you feel that the movie has been spoiled for you after reading this. It won’t be true actually. That’s because it’s a matter of perspectives. The events in the real life scenarios and what would be presented in the movie would be from totally different perspectives and would showcase different viewpoints. If the initial reviews are to be believed, the Dunkirk movie would be an amazing spectacle which is as expected from a Christopher Nolan movie. Some even say that it’s his best work to date. Anyway, this movie would be a guaranteed visual delight even if you know about the events.

Dunkirk Movie Trailer

Dunkirk Cast & Movie Details

Initial release: 13 July 2017 (London)
Director: Christopher Nolan
Music director: Hans Zimmer
Cinematography: Hoyte van Hoytema
Screenplay: Christopher Nolan
Stars: Fionn Whitehead, Damien Bonnard, Aneurin Barnard, see full cast & crew

For more information regarding the movie you can look for Dunkirk IMDB or Dunkirk Wiki


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