Holi- the multi-ethnic festival is around the corner, but for some “Holi hai” equates to “Tabhai hai” day. Thanks to our pals, who drop at our houses, pull us from our space and deck us with those cringy colors which are just not done. And then that isn’t enough they will drain you with those permanent, toxic colors that crushes your mind, soul, and skin. This article is dedicated is completely dedicated to the things we dont like about Holi hence read it only to yourself. 

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Holi is falling on the 18th March 2022 and will be celebrated on a Thursday this time. While some people the festival of Holi, some are quite awry about. Check out the list of things we dont about Holi at all from the write up below. Guess what, they are accompanied with informative yet funny Holi Gifs.

Loudspeakers blaring” Range Barse ” since dawn, and all the nuisance afterward sends me in my cave. The Wet and wicked Holi turns out to be very troublesome irritating. Here is why we don’t like the unholy Holi for all the right reasons.

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Things We dont like about Holi | List of the Top 6 Reasons

Balloons: Ouch, it hurts!

Have you ever witnessed kids with a handful of Balloons inside a poly, teasing anyone who comes their way? If you get hit by those, the swelling and bumps you get echoes you in pain. Worst of all is, if they are thrown from a distance,  it hits one very hard on the skin. For the sake of a gala time, at the cost of hurting someone is not a great deal. It gets troublesome when two-wheelers are smashed by the intensity of balloons, their balance is disturbed which thus causes accidents. 

Animals are troubled

Being a dog lover, I can tell you how furious I get when the street kids and even the matured adults deliver joys by smearing Gulals on stray animals which is just not done. I mean, play with your own species, why disturb others? The colors harm their skin and if they lick that god damn color, they may get infected. Please don’t color your pets and stray animals in or around your vicinity.

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Disturbing the eyes

Gulal is in the air, the grease of toxic colors if coming in contact with eyes can damage them permanently. Just imagine life without the blink of an eye? Your canon turning into jet black and you are unable to see anything? Any minuscule part of the color can damage our eyes and its sight and cause irritation.

Water Wastage 

Tonnes of water is being used that day just to drown your friends in the tank or fill uncountable numbers of balloons? I mean, seriously? Wicked water games waste the water but we fail to realize that. Then after getting all decked up with colors, sprays and what not, you need water to wash it all off. Ever wondered what will we do without water if we waste it this much? Period.

Permanent colors/ Glass colors

Some people love playing with hard, harsh colors which do not spare the skin. There is some kind of kinky fun on smearing with toxic colors, sprays, grease or even glass colors! The clever market gimmicks of providing Herbal Gulals cheats in their quality. Yet, at some corner, you may witness your friends using the same. Worst is, they cunningly spread the nets to entangle you and smash the colors on you.

Destroying the infrastructure

The colors don’t leave us easily even if we bathe for 10 times in a day, how will it then rinse away from the buildings, parks, roads, or any other place which are left with its residue? Unknowingly, our playing with colors damages the grace of the place where the festival is being celebrated. It takes months for those buildings to get washed away by the permanency of the colors.

Food Adulteration

The food is adulterated in the name of purity. The Food Market showcases that they are being made with good ingredients but adulterating the same knows no bounds. “Kuch Meetha hojaye” sweet savories are mixed well with ingredients that may cause food poisoning and nausea.

Molestation in the name of coloring

It is the very thing which turns people off as the chances of molestation increases in the disguise of colors. Boys take undue advantage of girls by smearing colors and touching them inappropriately. This indeed disgusts them and crushes their spirit of joy. An undue advantage of such situation is prevalent in the festival.

Excess Alchohol Intake

Holi calls for many fun parties and alcohol and Bhang are actually the important elements of this festival. But some people do not take things in moderation and end up drinking more than they can even handle. It is advised that you should not drink more than you can handle for any reason.

Smear Gulal but don’t hit with balloons. Wear colors but don’t color the animals. For your sake of happiness, don’t drag the ones who aren’t interested. Have a safe, sound and exciting Holi!

Holi and Rangpanchami Date 2022 

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