A couple of days ago I was having a conversation with one of my cousin who had just attended a job interview. She is a born comedian and started telling me what not to say in a job interview funny things and she also started sharing a meme related to this. Well, a lot of people look for things to say in an interview to impress the person but what everyone lacks are things that they should not.

So, what are some good skills that you need inside you to crack an interview? Well, you can sure check them out from here. So! Do you want to know things that you should not do? Then scroll below to know about it. The rule of the thumb is to be who you are and do not portray yourself as someone else in the interview. Check out more below.

Do not blabber

When you are asked something, you sure have to answer but not as if you are sitting in the park and having a good chat with your friend. Do not keep on talking and talking, always keep your answer up to the point and not anywhere beyond that.

Do not share confidential data

You sure must have achieved a really good analytic score for your company and you also could be the cause of their profit increase but never share the company’s personal profile with the interviewer because if you are ready to share theirs, you might as well share your potential employers.

Do not underscore your qualifications

If you are totally a fresher and have nothing to say about your experience then your resume is definitely going to show it. You should never underscore yourself instead try to portray the skills that make you relevant to the job.

Do not flatter the interviewer

No matter, how much you like their dressing sense or the kind of accessories they are wearing. You should not probably flatter them with compliments. Although, you can admire about how well they are in what they are doing for the company. You need to keep it professional.

Never say you don’t know

If you are unsure about any question, then you can simply say the below and that too in a very polite voice that “you are still learning on that”. Never be rude to the interviewer and say that you simply do not know.

Do not tell them that you are nervous

Never let them know that you are nervous about the job interview because it will only show that you are not a confident personality. So, heads up and smile no matter how much scared you are from the inside.

Do not keep your phone on ringer or vibrate

It looks very unprofessional when your phone starts ringing and vibrating while you are interviewing. Your interviewer sure does not know your personal situation and might even ask you to pick up the call if you want and then keeping the interviewer in wait is not a very good thing. So, keeping your phone off will be a good idea.

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