‘The mountains are calling’ sounds interesting, no? If you are a mountain lover, it must be pure bliss for you to be there, but how about not just going there for a couple of months but for a longer halt? Sounds even better! 

That’s the opportunity you get when you move for education or work to Dehradun. Also, there are some great PGs in Dehradun in and around areas like Pondha which are quite cost-effective and provide everything that a man needs to survive.

Well, if you do migrate to such areas then there are certain points to tick off your list before you shift there as a paying guest.


Food is one of the most important concerns of people shifting there since the supply of the same is pretty rigid in hilly areas. Also, it can’t be promised that you get the food you desire every time. You might just have to adjust to these conditions. Also, not all the PGs have this provision of providing food inclusive of the rent amount. It may be charged for additionally, or you might have to employ a cook. In such cases, one may opt for managed accommodations. They provide you with the best services and make sure that your stay is as comforting as your own house. You may visit the website and have a look at some of their PGs in Dehradun.

Network Issues

Network issues do get on the nerves and the problem can be acute in the hilly regions. Have this conversation with your landlord in advance to provide you with high-speed wifi as it will be required for the various projects and assignments or even late working hours that you might need to put in. Some new-age managed accommodations now offer very high-quality internet services.

Check the Area Around

Check the region around completely, ensure that it isn’t isolated or too far from the main hubs of the city. Secluded areas often lack essentials, that one needs around like a market, emergency clinic, eatery, and so forth. So that in an emergency you don’t need to continue waiting for assistance to show up.

Go Through the Agreement Thoroughly

Do check the things referenced to in the agreement, at times the proprietor verbally guarantees you certain things and may pass them up in the actual agreement. Check thoroughly that you are given the food, house help, power charges, water charges, power back-up, and different things that have been settled upon at first. Check if the basic necessities like geyser and heater are provided, and the landlord isn’t missing out on any amenity of daily usage. Also, look for clarity over every single provision mentioned in the agreement. Crosscheck about the meeting hours, who all can stay, check-in visiting hours, and different things that may concern your lifestyle. Managed accommodation companies sign a detailed rent agreement with you so that residents have a transparent engagement. 

Pay Carefully

It’s good to be absolutely transparent about payments – from the amount you settle on, to the timelines. Some managed accommodation companies offer flexible payment options like online payments as well as deals on advance rent payment. They also ensure you have all payment receipts so that the entire arrangement is transparent. 

These are some of the tips that one ought to consider before selecting an accommodation in Dehradun. While keeping in mind the points mentioned above, you are sure to find an accommodation that fits into the tag of best PG in Dehradun.

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