Some things that we like about Holi include water balloons, happiness and Gujia. Holi is going to faIl on the 18th March 2022 and we start compiling things used in Holi and the fun and frolic they offer us, we are gonna start playing it right here and right now. Well, the list of things related to Holi includes Holi colors, Holi water guns and every notorious thing we can use to make our family and friends colorful. It is quite easy to answer as to why we like Holi so much. Well, above all, I like Holi because the festival is related to  Lord Krishna and Radha. The eternal love between them is the most important element of the festival of Holi. The festival of colors also marks the starts of the spring season. 

Everybody has their own beautiful explanations to the notion and why not Holi is not like any other festival. It involves a lot of fun and frolic. Not only kids, but adults to enjoy the festival and play the festival of colors. 

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Every festival in India has dense and incredible history and Holi has it too. If you want to know more about it, you can check out the Holi history and facts from here.

Let’s come back to the pointers that show why do we like Holi so much.

Things We Like About Holi

Everybody is involved

things we like about holi

Unlike, other festivals where only kids tend to head the notorious department. The festival of Holi involves adults too. From the elder generation to the younger one, everyone wants to celebrate the festival and play Holi with their utmost energy.

DJ and Music

things we like about Holi

Holi is incomplete without a music setup for sure. The Holi parties are held over the world and each and every one of them have DJ floors in them. People on this day hear rocking songs and celebrate the festival of colors with panache.

Sleeping away

things we like about holi

For people who do not want to come outside of their homes and who do not like people to put colors on their faces can enjoy the holiday sleeping as they get the chance to just laze away on their beds.

Everyone meets up

things we like about holi

Well, like every festival relatives and families meet each other to wish each other Happy Holi and make merry. According to me, this is the best part because despite everyone’s busy schedules people actually meet up their acquaintances.

Involves fewer expenses

things we like about holi

Unlike other festivals, when one has to exchange gifts with each other Holi is way different. It just involves playing with colors like a kiddo and having your favorite dishes. There is no exchange of expensive gifts but love.

Making amends

Things we like about holi

You must have all heard the famous song “ Holi Ke din dil Khil jaate hain”! Well, it consists a beautiful line “ Dushman bhi Gale mil jate hain” into it which means that people who do not gel with each other, make amends and try to end up their misunderstandings. Thus, the festival of Holi aspires to bring everyone together.

Looking all cartoonish

things we like about holi

When you are all colored and drenched in water, you definitely look an alien from another planet. The best part about it is, you are not the odd one out at all. Everybody looks like a freaking cartoon.

No religious discrimination

things we like about holi

Holi is a festival that everybody wants to celebrate no matter what their cast or creed is. It unites everybody for a good cause.

Gujiya love

things we like about Holi

Markets are flooded with a range of Gujiyas during the Holi festival. Foodies like me actually wait for the festival just to have a glimpse and a bite of the delicious Gujiya. Other dishes that are savored include Kachori and Pakode.


things we like about Holi

The festival of Holi is awaited by all those who love Bhang Thandai and the Pakoras. The thandai is actually beneficial to the body if taken in moderation. You can check out the Bhang thandai benefits and recipe over here. Let me tell you that this dish is amazingly mouth watering.

Holi and Rangpanchami Date 2022 

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