You want my bra size? It’s 36 C mister!

The way to deal with a pervert is to acknowledge his only talent, or lack thereof. When this girl was put into an uncomfortable situation when a senior in the workplace was openly staring at her breasts in the cafeteria, she rightfully puts him in his place.

Men – Yes, we know that not all men are the same. But there is no turning a blind eye on the cases of workplace harassment often happening under our nose. If you come across a colleague thinking it’s funny to stare at a woman’s assets or flirting with her when she is clearly uncomfortable in the situation, be a man step in.

Women – Be it a senior, junior or equal in the office, draw a line on harassment. HR Policies are strictly drawn these days and you can fearlessly raise your voice if someone is coming after you in the office.

This video was uploaded by PuraniDiliTalkies at their YT channel and became viral within days of being published. Good work PDT!

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