Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas are not very tough to find because of the fact that they are available in ample amount in the market. There are various Disney Channel Character costumes which kids duly love to dress up in. But if you are trying to find a Unique Toddler Halloween Costume then you have come to the right place.We have listed out many options for Halloween Costume For Toddlers in this list.

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Some parents love to dress up their in funny costumes while some prefer the dapper ones. The most adorable out of all is baby Halloween costumes. Check out this article for some really unique and appealing toddler Halloween costumes.

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Last year, a friend of mine went to a Halloween party where the most amazingly dress toddler boy was to be awarded and guess what the baby who was disguised as Pikachu won the prize. Pokemon Go Halloween Costumes are quite adorable because everyone possibly can relate to them. One easy formula to get rid of this confusion is to get your kid’s favorite cartoon or fictional characters costume. He will be more than comfortable in wearing that.

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Halloween Costume Ideas For Toddlers

1Pumpkin Plush Costume

toddler halloween costumes for boys

Available for $11, this pumpkin plush costume is for both toddler boy or girl. Get your kid to be the Jack-O-Lantern of the Halloween Party. This pumpkin costume is comfortable enough for a toddler.

2Cookie Monster

halloween costumes for toddlers for boys

Available for anywhere between $26.17 and $63.76, the cookie monster is a character from the series “Sesame Street”. It is a front zip costume so very feasible for kids to wear. The best thing about the dress is that it has embodied eyes which make it look adorable.

3Batman Cosplay

halloween costumes for toddler girl

Available for $3.79, this batman cosplay is perfect for a cute baby. The package consists of a hat and a long sleeve which make will make your kid look like a cute bat. Both the parents can also disguise accordingly.

4Tinker Bell Costume

halloween costumes for girls toddlers

Available for $19.99, the costume will make your little girl look like a princes. The package consists of a wand, headband and matching wings. She is going to look the most beautiful in the party after wearing this.

5Black Tutu Costume

halloween costumes for toddlers unique

Available for $35.00 on Amazon, this costume will make your toddler girl look like a sweet black cat whom you want to cuddle all day. The package consists of tail, clips. tutu and ears. You can also wear big cat costume to twin with her.

6Dorothy Sequin Costume

unique toddler halloween costumes for baby

Available for $22.50, the official Wizard of Oz costume is famous widely and if it also happens to be your toddler girl’s favorite character then you can sure let her be the Dorothy. This package consists of white and blue dress ad a bow.

7Complete Yoda Costume

unique halloween costumes for toddlers

Available for $16.73, Let your little toddler be the Jedi master and chose for him a complete Yoda costume. This package consists of the beige color costume which is made up of 100% Polyester.

8Vampire Costume

halloween costumes for toddlers unique

Available for $19.99, If your kid wants to be the spookiest of em all, then this costume will be the best bet for him or her. The package contains vest, cape and the shirt. You can team up all of this with black pants.

9Dory Costume

halloween costumes for girls toddlers

Available for $26.28 on Amazon, we are so sure every kid in the world loves Dory to the moon and back. Being Dory is incomparable because she is cute as heck. Parents can be the orange fish.

10Hot Dog Costume

halloween costumes for toddlers boys

Available for $16.45, the Hot Dog costume is the funniest costume that you will find on the internet. Make your cutie patooti wear this for the Halloween Party and let him earn compliments.

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