Farming games or farming simulator games have become a new favourite for players who want to enjoy farming at their fingertips. Games like these are both fun to play and informative. There are many things inspired from real life but most of it is virtually influenced. Overall they are one of the best types of games to enjoy on the go. Here we will list out the top 10 farming games for you to explore.

Game #1 – Hay Day

It is a very fun farming simulator game with a massive player base already playing it. You can utilize this game to learn how to cultivate land, grow plants, and sell goods with your friends or neighbours.

Hay Day includes a variety of functionalities such as the capacity to construct your own town, fix your port, and greet guests. You can also fulfill and complete orders using trucks or steamboats. Additionally this farming simulator allows you to share your farm with some very unusual animals making it very unique in terms of gameplay experience.

Game #2 – Dream Farm Harvest Moon

One of the best games in the farming segment with a lot of stuff to explore including crop generation, trades, upgrades etc. In this game you can also learn to raise livestock and harvest a variety of agricultural produce.

As an added bonus you have a lot of customisations available along with a variety of crops and livestock to choose from which will enhance your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Game #3 – Golden Farm

It is a very unique kind of farming game and has one of the highest ratings on the app Store and play store. You can enjoy this game with your family and friends by making them as your neighbours in the game through the Facebook integrity feature.

The game has a huge variety of crops to choose from in order to cultivate. Also there are many types of decorations available that will help you customize your farm to your liking.

Game #4 – Smurfs Village

Smurfs were a huge deal when it came to one of the best cartoon characters. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy both, farming as well as playing with your favourite Smurfs. The story line in the game has Gargamel and his cat Azrael discovering the Smurfs’ village and distributing it.  You can explore with Papa Smurf, Brainy, Smurfette and other Smurfs characters that you know and love to rebuild the village.

There are many mini games as well included in the main title that focuses on the smurfs. These mini games are very much fun to play and will definitely keep you busy for hours.

Game #5 – Farming Simulator 20

If you are looking for a game that will provide you with real life farming experience then there is no game better than Farming Simulator. You can experience all the real life elements of farming including growth of crops, using machines, weather elements etc.

Also you can trade these crops for money and use this to upgrade your farm elements such as machines and usables.

Game #6 – Farmville 2

It is a very renowned name when it comes to the genre of farming games.  It is a sequel to the very famous Farmville. You can enjoy farming and other elements along with your friends and family. There are many new things added such as offline mode and anonymous mode when compared to the prequel. So now you can enjoy the game anytime anywhere even without an internet connection.

Game #7 – Family Farm Seaside

A very unique farming game that has many user friendly features that will definitely improve gameplay experience a lot. You have unlimited barn space hence there is ample amount of area where you can build and customize. You need not keep upgrading your space in order to expand.

You can choose from over 500 decorations and similar to other games you can visit your neighbours and help them out with tasks in order to earn some extra rewards.

Game #8 – Big Little Farmer

Big Little Farmer, unlike other farming simulation games, claims to support offline mode, allowing you to play anywhere and at any time without the need for an internet connection.

You can construct a town farm and cultivate crops like wheat, corn, and canola. However, apart from crops, you can start raising livestock and poultry animals and distribute them using delivery trucks. It all feels very real that you can imagine yourself living the life of a farmer while playing this game.

Game #9 – Farm Paradise

If you’re tired of the idea of rural farming, Farm Paradise provides a one-of-a-kind perspective. This farming simulation game transports you to a tropical paradise where you can cultivate a tropical island. You must sail to the Sunshine Resort, where the farming journey starts. Farm Paradise, created by the same person who created Farm Town, could be an excellent substitute to a farming game.

In this game you can construct a hotel, welcome guests, and grow new crops in this game. You can build a zoo and domesticate wild animals such as zebras, pandas, and even lions. In addition, the app allows you to invite and raise cute pets on the island. You can also construct an airport and a steamboat to help grow your tropical islands.

Game #10 – Lets Farm

Let’s Farm requires an internet connection to function normally. It has typical farming gameplay such as planting new crops, trading with other farmers from other countries, and cooking tasty meals. You can also start raising and feeding animals and also pets. Let’s Farm allows you to decorate the farm with a variety of ornaments, which will increase your level of creativity.

If you need ideas for farm design, simply go to other people’s farms and be influenced. You can also assist neighbours in planting or harvesting their crops.

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