What to Offer Lord Krishna on Janmashtami is the first thing that everyone thinks about on the festival of Janmashtami and the first food that comes to the mind is definitely butter. We all probably know about Lord Krisha’s stories about Makhan ( Butter). Thus, it is very important that the major element used is that only. Offering Food To Lord Krishna feels like a great fulfillment for the soul. The food offered to Lord Krishna is also known as Bhog or Prasadam. All the recipes are thus curated here for your convenience. Lord Krishna Favorite Food Items are always Sattvik.

Lord Krishna’s Favorite Flower : Kadama, Jasmine, Rose

Lord Krishna’s Favorite Color : Yellow, Blue

Shri Lord Krishna is the truth of the universe and all of us are just miniature parts of him. Janmashtami is the day when Lord Krishna was born to goddess Devki and Vasudeva on the 8th day ie the Ashtami of the holy month of Shravana. This year ie in 2018, the date of Krishna Janmashtami will be the 2nd of September 2018. The birth of Lord Krishna marked the beginning of the Dvapar Age. The Krishna Janmashtami is made with pomp and show since Lord Krishna birth has a lot of importance and significance according to the Hindu Mythology.

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Check out the list of Food Items that can be prepared on Krishna Janmashtami.


lord krishna favorite food

Dairy Foods are the most favorite of Shri Lord Krishna one of which is the Charnamrit. It is a sweetened yogurt which is considered sacred because it is believed that once Lord Krishna fell ill and he asked the Gopis to wash their feet and give him that water to drink, Goddess Radha followed the instructions and he restored his health.Since then this water added with yogurt is considered Amrit and thus is used as the Prasadam. You will need water, sugar, buttermilk. Grind then all and garnish with pistachios and serve ice cold.

2Makhan Mishri

lord krishna favorite food

The Makhan Mishri is the most famous item at the birth place of Lord Shri Krishna which is Mathura. You will need some crystalled sugar lumps ( Mishri) and pour them into some butter ( Makan), grind them well to achieve the desired consistency.

3Milk And Honey

Janmashtami food

The milk and honey is considered as perfect prasadam for Lord Krishna as both are symbols of sweetness and purity. They are very easy to make as well because all that you need to do is mix the honey and milk and tadaa the prasadam is ready.

4Coconut Laddoo

food offer to lord krishna

It is believed that coconut laddoo is the most loved food item of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna is also one of Lord Vishnu’s incarnations.

  1. To prepare a coconut ladoo, you will need grated coconut, milk,Mawa, refined sugar, dry fruits and cardamon.
  2. First, you need to roast the Mawa until it changes color.
  3. After then, mix in it all the dry fruits, sugar, coconut and mix well and roast.
  4. Add this mixture to heated pan with milk.
  5. Roll them into the shape of ladoo when the mixture becomes thick in consistency.


lord krishna favorite food

This food item can also be offered to god and also be consumed by all those who are fasting. The most easy method to make a Shrikhand is listed below. You will need yogurt, sugar, cardamon and dry fruits.

  1. Take a bowl and put a muslin cloth over it and power the curd in between it.
  2. Now, wrap all the curd in the cloth tightly and hang it in the refrigerator, remember that you have to hang it and not just keep.
  3. After 6-7 hours, take it out and pour it in the bowl and kneed it like a dough.
  4. Mix sugar and cardamon powder and mix well with hand beater.
  5. Garnish with dry fruits and serve cold.

6Yellow Sweet Rice

what is favorite food of lord krishna

It is believed that Lord Vishnu loves food items that are yellow in color and one of which is sweet yellow rice. It is also considered pious and made in Punjabi households on auspicious occasions. The yellow rice can be made in a very easy way which is listed below.

  1. First, wash the rice and drain the water carefully.
  2. Now, take a heavy pan and add ghee, put some cloves and cardamon inside.
  3. Then add sugar and water, saffron mixture and cardamon water .
  4. Keep stirring until everything is dissolved.
  5. When the mixture starts boiling put in the cooked rice inside.
  6. Mix carefully and then let it sit for 5-6 minutes.

7Sabudana Kheer

favorite Janmashtami menu

Sabudana Kheer is a dish that is pious and can also be consumed by those who are fasting for the day. You will need sabudana, milk, water, cardamon, saffron and almonds.

  1. First, wash the Sabudana and drain the excess water.
  2. Now, soak the Sabudana until it absorbs the water and turns it large size.
  3. Heat milk and when it comes to boil, add the Sabudana.
  4. Add sugar and keep on stirring until it cooks.


lord krishna favorite food

Halwa is also made on Janmashtami and you can chose any variant that you would like to offer to Lord Krishna. For instance, you can make Gajar Halwa, Suji Halwa etc.

9Suji Kheer

krishna favorite food

Kheer can be made as Lord Krishna’s Prasadam as well. You can make Rice Kheer, Suji Kheer or Sabudana kheer or any one that you would like to offer.


Janmashtami favorite food

Fruits without any doubt can be offered to God as Prasadam. You can simply wash them and keep them in front of Lord Krishna’s swing.

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