Monsoon Accessorizing yourself is as much as important as layering in the winter season. Though, we do have lesser amounts of options as compared to the others season but exploring options is always in our hands. The most staple accessory of the monsoon season is the umbrella but do you know even that can be matched up with the kind of dress you are wearing. The key to styling yourself and protecting yourself in the monsoon season is quite easy and you can know the tricks from here.

One of the most talked about product for the monsoon season has been the jelly shoes. Several E-commerce websites have declared massive sale discounts on a wide range of products. For instance, Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal had also held monsoon sales last week. So, you can still check out these products and buy those at reasonable prices.

Scroll below to find Top 10 must have monsoon accessories that you should definitely have.


monsoon accessories

One of the most important accessory that is a must for every person who is heading out of their home for any reason is the umbrella. The umbrellas can be carried according to your dress actually. There are many colorful and interesting kinds of umbrellas that can bought for a nominal price. You can choose your own pattern and tadaa. Sparkle in the rain you beautiful lady.

2-Wheeler Umbrella

monsoon accessories

Though this is not a very common thing that you will see on the streets on everyday basis but let me tell you this is a very relevant protection barrier that save you from the rains while you are travelling. You can buy it for Rs.699 from Amazon.

Hands Free Umbrellas For Kids

monsoon accessories for women

This is a very cute umbrella as well as a useful one. It is a premium product that is able to tolerate heavy rains and winds and one really amazing thing about it is that you don’t have to tire your hands in holding it which makes it quite perfect for every school goer out there. You can buy from Amazon for Rs. 699.

Rubber Sandals

monsoon must haves

No heels, no wedges are going to work out in the season of the mighty rains but your rubber sandals are definitely going to help you in walking. Go for a stylish but a comfortable pair so as to make your whole dress look gorgeous from top to bottom. Colorful Flip-Flops would work wonders and you can buy them from Amazon for a price of Rs.299.

Waterproof Casual Travel Bag

monsoon must haves

When you head outside of your homes, you also gotta keep your things in the purse safe from getting all messy. One simple way to protect your stuff is to always carry a waterproof carry bag or purse. You can buy this black color bag from Amazon for Rs. 1289. 

Water Proof Phone Covers

monsoon accessories

Our phones are an important part of our lives and protecting them from the spells of the rain should be our first and foremost duty. LOL! Well, rains can be stressful when your phone is not waterproof. To save them, you can simply put them in these cover bags. You can buy the covers from Amazon for Rs. 298. 

Scrunchies For Hair

monsoon must haves

Monsoon Season seriously makes our hair all frizzy and dry and thus it is always recommended to tie up your hair in the rainy season. You can buy colorful and innovative scrunchies to tie up your hair and yes avoid keeping your hair open.

Water Proof Makeup

monsoon must haves

Applying stay on and water proof makeup is very very important during the rainy season. Well, obviously because you don’t want to end up looking like a someone really messy. Hence, please always apply water proof makeup on your face.

PVC Tote Bags

monsoon must haves

You can carry these PVC Tote bags with you whenever you head out for shopping or for grocery. These are available in transparent material mostly hence are perfect for keeping your veggies etc. You can buy it for Rs. 692.


monsoon must haves

Scarves always come handy during the monsoon season. You can protect your hair with a scarf if in case you are stuck in the rainfall without an umbrella.

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